Tuesday, February 23, 2010

who we are today...

Now I know most of you have thought about this too, must have crossed your mind at one point or another in your lives. Perhaps something small on a given day makes you think of someone in your past, or a situation you are faced with brings back memories of people that have impacted your life in some way. An old friend, someone you loved, an experience you had a long time ago.... a kind word from a loved one, a good bit of advice someone gave you, an acquaintance who is long gone or even a stranger you exchanged some words with....people who have touched your heart or spoke to your soul... some who hold a special place in your heart...

When we do think back and reflect, we see that every one of those people who have come and gone, or are still part of our lives, who we were fortunate to find or come in contact with... all hold a deep connection in our hearts. Some were important stepping stones to the person we are today. And we realize that most of these people, we were meant to cross paths with in order to grow, to learn, to laugh, to cry, to feel, to experience, to hurt, to love, to make us think, to open our eyes.... in other words to create the layers that make up the whole person we are...

This is an ongoing process of this thing called life... it is not over yet by any means, we will still meet people who will touch us, show us something new to discover, share words still not spoken, make us feel things not felt yet.... And our heart will grow ever more to hold more memories, our souls will get deeper, our wisdom stronger.... as the saying goes... "we live and learn"... till the day we close our eyes forever...

We honor those long gone who have touched us, and meant so much to us by thinking of them, by remembering the things we've learned and felt through them, but what of the people that are still with us, or the ones we've lost contact with. I think if any one person has made an impact in our lives, or holds that special place in our hearts... they need to know that in some small way they still live in us, with us, through us. We should tell them.... perhaps today they need to hear it...they need to know that they are special to someone out there, that they put a small brick in the foundation of someones life.... tell them, think of them, thank them, honor them....

So, here's to all that is yet to come, to all the hearts and souls that will touch us and be touched by us.... all that still remains to be learned and seen, to be felt and experienced...all still to look forward to...



  1. Yes! Everyday is a good day to tell those you care about that you DO!

  2. Thanks Mari. I enjoyed reading the entry and as always I felt the connection. For a moment, a few brief but profoundly important encounters and faces flashed in my memory. It is indeed very important to remember all those who have made an impact in our lives. An incident comes to mind which I’d like to share with you.

    My Mother had just died only 3 months after my Father had passed away. I am in my sister’s car. She’s driving. We’re silent. We had gone out to run some necessary errands at the Forest Lawn. The morning was beautiful and bright in contrast to our mood which was dark, somber and reflective. I remember that morning very clearly. At one point the traffic light turns to green and we make a left turn. I see a man standing at the bus stop next to few others. His appearance is unkempt, unwashed, long matted hair, straggly beard, featureless and dirty clothes. In short your stereotypical homeless person. Just as we’re turning, for a brief moment our eyes meet and something exchanges between us. I can’t say what occurred but all the hair on the back of my neck stood up and my whole being was filled with unimaginable peace and serenity. The only way I can describe it is my Father hugging me and holding me in his arms. To this day I have that peace with me whenever I recall that glance. To this day I can’t say for sure whether it was real or I was hallucinating, but that is not the point. I received the message.

    I’ll conclude with your words.
    “So, here's to all that is yet to come, to all the hearts and souls that will touch us and be touched by us....".

  3. Edmond thanks for sharing the story, isn't it amazing how someone you don't even know, have never meat or exchanged words with can have such a lasting impact on you... it also comes from being open to receive... your heart was open that day and apparently so were your eyes...thanks again for sharing :)

  4. Who is it that said, "I am a part of all that I have met."

    You are right, and it's important to remember. Just yesterday I saw an old friend who helped me at my wedding, was at the birth of one of my babies. I hadn't seen her in many years but it all came back, the connection, the love, the jokes. Blessings to you and yours.

  5. wow. i can always guarantee i will come across beautiful thoughts that make me really reflect on life, when i come visit you.

  6. I do. I usually do. probably because I'm so (too) sensitive, probably because I've lost so many of my loved ones. it taught me. the hard way but it taught me.
    thank you for writing this so beautifully. especially this week, I needed it.