Tuesday, January 5, 2010

right foot forward...

This was the first sunrise of the year and of the new decade we entered. I sat in my balcony, had my coffee, on that morning as the sun was rising... and promised to start the year with a positive attitude. Not that I've been negative throughout this difficult time in our lives. But...as time goes by, it is proving to be a bit more challenging. I find myself dragging out of bed on some mornings, I feel drained and lack energy and motivation. Naturally.. I miss him more and more, the reality of it all is really sinking in, the wear and tear, and the emotional stress of the past two years is starting to surface, the worrying about the future of the boys and the shop consumes most of my thoughts, and therefore not much space is left for being positive....

Ok, this is not sounding very positive at this point I know... but I feel unless we recognize the things that stand in the way of our happiness, we can't really address and overcome them. So perhaps by seeing all the negatives we can really appreciate the positives...
In our culture.. when we visit someones new home or are entering a loved ones house for the first time in the new year... we enter with the right foot first... I know it sounds silly, but don't all superstitious things? Anyways, it's meant to bring good luck and happiness into the home, by doing that you are hoping that good things will happen in that house, and that there will be much joy and love... does it really work? Who knows... I don't think people keep track.. but, we still do it because we hope that it works... On that note... I've decided to enter the new year with my right foot forward, and hopefully with all the tough times that lay ahead still I'll be able to stay strong and positive.

So, I think staying with the positive subject...it's time to schedule our next "LET'S EAT" day, I really wanted to have one before the holidays, but naturally I wasn't feeling up to it. Start looking through your recipes... the theme for this month is "fresh" for a fresh new start...
Let's start the year with a fresh and positive attitude and hope for a great year, I'm looking forward to more blogging and getting to know all of you better and hope to find some new friends in the blogoshpere..

Mark your calendars, get your recipes ready.. the next "LET'S EAT" will take place next Monday the 11th. Looking forward to it.

I hope you all start the year with your right foot and have a happy one.



  1. the travel thru grief is like a roller coaster...thinking of you as you put one foot in front of the other!

  2. Blessings as you travel through grief Marinik. I'm looking forward to our fresh 'LET'S EAT' post. Nothing is suggesting itself yet...I'll ponder.

  3. yeah for you ... reminding me of Hogmanay. The most widespread national custom is the practice of 'first-footing' which starts immediately after midnight. This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend or neighbour and often involves the giving of symbolic gifts such as salt (less common today), coal, shortbread, whisky, and black bun (a rich fruit cake) intended to bring different kinds of luck to the householder. Food and drink (as the gifts) are then given to the guests. This may go on throughout the early hours of the morning and well into the next day (although modern days see people visiting houses well into January). The first-foot is supposed to set the luck for the rest of the year. (yes stole description from wiki but i am currently one handed)

    Looking forward to the 11th now.

    ~ philip

  4. i don't think these superstitions are silly, actually, i think they can be a big source of comfort and give a person a feeling of control. the family i stayed with in russia always made everyone sit down for a minute after getting coats on and rushing about before starting out on a journey. i think it had a great psychological effect - it made you take a deep breath and was just calming somehow. if stepping in with your right foot helps, you should do it!

    may 2010 be a brighter year for you and your loved ones!!


  5. happy for you that you are starting off on a positive note.

    fresh is indeed a good theme for a new start.

  6. "but I feel unless we recognize the things that stand in the way of our happiness, we can't really address and overcome them. So perhaps by seeing all the negatives we can really appreciate the positives..."

    I agree. Can't wait till we get together.

  7. oh, it's Nairy ;P