Thursday, February 18, 2010

if i had a time machine...

I had a very interesting conversation with the boys some time ago... about who we would want to meet if we had a time machine and could go back in time. They had some interesting input on the subject... Arman, my oldest wants to meet Bob Marley, he loves the music that the man put out. Robert was interesting in meeting Bill Gates when he was a kid...he thought that would be "cool" as he put it...
So, that got me thinking about who I would want to meet from the past and have a conversation with. Here is a short list of people that came to mind...

First person I would go see is my maternal great grandmother, I would love to give her a piece of my mind for abandoning her three little children during the Armenian Genocide, after their father was killed. She ran off with a British soldier just to save her own ass... excuse my French... I mean a mother doesn't do that, so yes I'm pretty sore about that. Actually my father is writing a book about this, so far it's amazing and wow I had no idea my dad had it in him to write so well...anyways I'll let you guys know how that turns out.

Others from the past that I think would be pretty cool to meet would be, Mesrop Mashtots he wrote the Armenian alphabet. I'd love to exchange a few words with Charlie Chaplin, I think he was pretty brilliant. Maybe have a drink or two with Modigliani, go see Beethoven perform. Maybe sit in during one of Plato's philosophical conversations... go get a manicure with Marilyn Manroe, how cool would that be. And I would also like to meet Bob Marley.

I'm sure I could think of so many more amazing people that I'd love to meet, but these are just the few off the top of my head.... So, who would you guys want to meet...tell us will you :)

Have a great day you guys...


  1. I'd like to meet some of my ancestors. One in particular went from Poland to Denmark, but I can't trace him back farther than that. I really want to know his story! I'd also like to meet some of the women of the revolutionary war period.

  2. albert Einstein, and talk about the pitfalls of bad hair : )

  3. there's so many people...but I'd like to jam with Bob Marley in person for sure.

    thinking of you and hoping you are doing well.

    one love.

  4. Nice idea ! I come with you in the machine

  5. What a fun conversation you had with your boys. At the risk of spoiling a fun post, I'd have to say Christ. He's on my mind this lent. I understand that to be near him was to experience such love and compassion and healing. Think I'm in need of that now. I'll think on others and come back later. Blessings for you and your sweet young men Marinik.

  6. Mari, I didn't know who Modigliani was and now I know it :) I assume it is Amedeo Modigliani. Anyhow it's nice and now I have discovered another interesting artist. To be really, really honest I can't think of anyone I would like to meet and believe it or not I am actually trying hard to think of someone, he he.

  7. oh yes.. Bob Marley.
    I hope I get to read your fathers book, one day.