Thursday, April 15, 2010

I remember YOU..

I remember nine months ago today you looked into my eyes for the last time..

I remember how the smile on your face never drowned in the pain..

I remember the love in your eyes when you hugged our boys..

I remember the kisses you blew from across the room..

I remember your trembling hands reaching out to me, when you wanted me near..

I remember how you loved our long talks..

I remember when you'd hold my hand as we walked..

I remember your laugh, your smile, and even your mischievous grin..

I remember your tender fingers as they caressed my face..

I remember how you loved to savor each moment..

I remember the smile on your face as you watched our boys play..

I remember how you held them so carefully when they were just babies..

I remember seeing your eyes tear up watching sad movies..

I remember your warm hugs and how you held me tight when I needed comfort..

I remember how you made me laugh and loved it when I smiled..

I remember your sweet kisses that sent butterflies fluttering..

I remember how much we laughed the day we said "I do"..

I remember when you whispered.. "I love you" for the first time..

I remember everything..

I remember YOU..

My heart is yours forever..


  1. This is such a beautiful tribute.

  2. This is really beautiful,, I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband. My thoughts and prayers to you to give you strength ahead. Big hug to you.

  3. Oh Marinik! Beautiful, beautiful words. My head and heart are full of tears. How blessed you are to know that kind of tender, sweet, love. You have survived and grown these last nine months. Something to be proud of certainly.

  4. Mar jan, beautiful post, can't believe it's been nine months. Strenght and love will overcome everything. pachikner!!!

  5. such a tender spot in the journey are traveling well

  6. That is just perfect ... beautiful and perfect.

  7. this brouht tears to my eyes. so beautiful.

  8. <3 You literally stirred my emotions !!! Powerful feelings <3

  9. Marin,

    That is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. You're so eloquent in how how explain the love and moments.


  10. Oh mari, I can't find any words at all to respond to this. The photo, the words, the sentiment...all just so utterly heartbreaking.

    You must print out your blog posts. Who knows how the internet will develop as the years go by, you can't rely on always being able to access your memories of wonderful thoughts. Print them out so you will have them to cherish in the years to come, and for your boys to have too.

    Hugs to you xx

  11. such a beautiful declaration of love and such precious memories.

    thinking of you. xx