Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fun filled weekend...

The weekend started with a pleasant
surprise as I found out that my mom's
friend and daughter were taking us out to lunch.

So we were off to Malibu's Taverna Tony
where delicious food was had.
The saganaki which is a fried cheese flambeed
table side was amazing, as were the rest
of the dishes. And a little Ouzo shared with
good old friends in a nice setting is just what
the doctor ordered.

That evening was one of my favorite
events that takes place in our little community
every year, the Music Festival.

Colorado Blvd. is closed off a few blocks and filled
with food carts, craft vendors and some dozen
bands in different corners of the street.

This shot shows the hustle and bustle on the street,
where people flock to each year for some
good music and great street food.

The boys and I were having far too much
fun to stop and take pictures, but I did
manage to take a few shots of these guys.
Who were performing a Brazilian
Martial Arts dance called Capoeira.
The beat was mesmerizing, and the
performance amazing...

Then we were off to Castaic Lake for a
family picnic on Sunday.
What a beautiful fall day that was,
crisp air, little breeze and the sun warming
us at times.

Of course great food was had...

Little rock stacking, patience lessons were
practiced between father and son (my brother)...
and other family members...

And an overall great time was had, surrounded
by family, food, laughter, and these magnificent

Lots of great memories were made this weekend, many photos taken, countless bonding conversations between friends and family, kids had quite a few laughs as well as us adults.
Quite honestly this was possibly the first weekend where I felt a glimpse of happiness in my heart, yes again.. Gag was always on my mind and I did get teared up at times thinking how wonderful it would have been to have him with us, and how he would enjoy every moment of this weekend, he loved full days like these, where we had a lot going on...

But... I laughed with a bit more ease this time, and the teary sessions were a little more spread out than usual... And this was a good thing for all of us.



  1. Your blog made me smile. I too, love taking pictures of food. Even food deserves a photo moment! I also especially love the picture of the tree from that angle. Your weekend sounds like it was fun, busy and yet relaxing.

  2. so glad that you experienced this time ...love your series of photos!

  3. Your posts always make me hungry! It sounds like a fabulous weekend and it was great to read about you getting out. This first year without your soulmate will be rough, everything is a milestone, but you're doing superbly!

  4. Hey Mar Jan,

    Taverna Tony, I remember that place. All the celebrities go there time to time. Glad you guys enjoyed family day together, good for you guys. We'll see you soon, Have a good day everyone..

    Love always, Mardig

  5. Yea for you! Yea for the resiliency of your spirit...so grateful to hear your heart feeling happiness. I've thought often this week about the experience you had at the soccer park where you had a minute of expecting to see your husband and then the pain that followed. The human mind is such a strange thing...I'm happy when I see you posting and visiting. I know you have chosen life.

  6. that looks like you've had a great time! the food looks so delicious!

  7. I am so happy that you get to spend good time with your boys and family. I hope more to come.

    Have a good week!!!

    Ani S

  8. thanks guys for the visit and your words, Ani, it's been a long time, hope all is well, thanks for always checking on me and leaving a few words behind, i appreciate it :)

  9. mari,

    Living vicariously (yet again!) through ur posts. I want to climb that tree, have a bitae of the saganaki (looks YUM!) and participate in the music festival.

    And I am so happy you had a cgood time. You deserve it, Mari

  10. What a wonderful weekend! Lovely photos, I'm so pleased that a little joy is creeping back in for you...little by little. x

  11. i love this! so filled with celebration. And YUM!

  12. Finally catching up on my blog reading after being very limited with computer time. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time and that you saw a glimpse of your life that includes both Gag and being happy again.

    He will always be with you. Always.

  13. Hi friend... so nice to have a weekend of fun and good company. The music festival looked like a ton of fun and the food...yum!!!!! xx

  14. that sounds like a perfect weekend! i am new on your blog and not too familiar with your story, but i am very happy that you are getting to a place where you can once again enjoy life, even if it is accompanied by the bittersweet knowledge of your loss.

    wishing you a happy new week