Saturday, October 31, 2009

mindful absence..

Had another great Tai Qi practice today....
When the group is in sinc and we all sway to the movements together we become one with nature and that is one of the greatest feeling.

One of the most important part of practice is what the master calls it..."mindful absence". What this means is that we are fully aware of our surroundings, the sounds that nature makes, the leafs that sway and sing to the wind, the earth and branches that crackle under the footsteps of hikers around us, the flap of birds wings in flight and their chirping as they sit on the trees observing us dance. It is imperative that we do stay awake, to be part of all that goes on around us, and yet just as important to be absent. This is what mindful absence is... aware of it all yet not consumed by it. Think of a Deer grazing... she is so lost in her world, just munching away, yet the ears are very alert, observing and listening to every little sound around her... One little crack will have her running to safety.

The mind can wonder and get lost in thought as you meditate or practice, it is only natural with all the things going on in our head. But in Tai Qi we let the thoughts come in and just pass through our mind...we mustn't let them linger and take away too much of our energy. That is exactly what Tai Qi is... the practice of flowing the energy through our body, and harnessing our Qi, directing it to the places that could benefit from it greatly. With each movement that is what we do, help that energy flow freely from one point to the next, we also use the energy that mother earth is offering to heal our bodies, and at the end of the practice we return that energy back to her.

So, try mindful absence next time you are meditating, by being aware of what is around you and at the same time not getting lost in the noise, both from the outside and from the inside of your body... you'll become one with nature. The energy you will feel will be exhilarating. You'll be refreshed and recharged... I promise you.

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend :)


  1. this is on my life list to learn ... Tia Chi intrigues me

  2. This sounds like what I experience in my yoga practice...have you tried yoga? I've only done a small amount of Tia Chi (certainly not enough to be able to enter into a flow state) and wonder if the experience could be similar?

  3. Hi Mari,

    Thank you for sharing all with us. Even by reading I feel like it is helping to relax. I also tried yoga. I do not think they are similar, but it is very helpful. Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend to all. :)

    Ani S.

  4. Ive read something similar in THe New EArth by Eckhart TOlle. Have u read it Mari?Ive tried practising it (and still am). I find it completely 'center'ing' Youre absolutely right.

  5. yes, deb it is like yoga in a sence that it deals with working your body from the inside out, the difference is in the meditaion though, during a yoga meditaion you learn to shut everything out and "go" to a peaceful place, and not be aware of the surroundings...
    anyways i love yoga too, have practiced it off and on for years, this is just something different to try :)
    hi ani jan, good to hear from you,
    and dash no i haven't read it yet, heard allot about it though, will look into it :)

  6. The last few months have been a tad rough for me, so it would be great for me to be absent in my mind. Don't think that's the same thing, though. :-)

    Glad you are finding peace.

  7. Thanks Mar jan,
    I am always read, agree and learn from it. It is very helpful. You always write from your heart. Life realy has its own ups and downs.
    And you are always there to help me and give me good advice.

    Thank you :)

    Ani S.

  8. it sounds blissful. i wonder if i'd be able to turn all that stuff off? hmm. i guess i'll have to try it.