Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dance With Your "Chi"

This is one way of looking at the beautiful art of Tai Chi or Qi Gong, which really translates to movement of our Chi, our core energy. I call it "dancing with Chi" because it really is a dance. The slow and graceful movements that are performed during practice move the energy throughout the body, this dance cultivates and awakens that energy and forces us to direct our attention towards our core, it nourishes and caresses that which often gets ignored and overlooked.

We started practicing a couple of years ago, my brother and I (he's the certified teacher), at Brand Library. Every time we would practice someone new would approach us and ask about the art, and if they could join, and how much was each class. When he would say that it was a community service and that he doesn't charge anything, people got excited and our group started getting bigger, the energy flowing among us each time was stronger and stronger.
After months of skipping on practice, I finally decided to join them this morning, and I'm so glad I did. The place of practice also makes a world of difference, this place is so serene and quite, surrounded by lush vegetation, we can hear the chirp of birds, the song of the leaves as they sway to a gentle breeze every now and then, the playful squirrels climbing the tree trunks, just being in that environment is relaxing enough....

The teacher (master) is yet another important element in this dance as well, Aram is an excellent teacher, his gentle vocal instructions put you in a meditative trans, and his physical movements are so graceful and melodic, he exudes calmness and from that energy you can't help but be submerged in the moment. We become one as a group, swaying to the tune of our bodies and our "Chi dances".

I'll have to do an entire post on my brother one day, he is an inspiration to me. After many years in the computer corporate world, making quite a bit of money, he got fed up and just walked away, He went back to school and found his true calling as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He looks much happier now, and enjoys what he does, and well... teaching Qi(chi) Gong is a bonus. I've seen him change so much in the past few years, and I'm so proud of him for taking that step into true happiness. Very few people have the guts to actually start over again later in life, we get comfortable in our own little corner and never look to see what lies around that corner.
Great job big brother, I've always looked up to you and now you have proven that when your heart is on the right path, so much can be achieved.
Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

love and peace!


  1. Hi hunny, I'm so glad you got out there and made the time for yourself to get your energy back at least for your weekend. I just want to let you know that having a good and supportive family is very important in life. I hope you have a very good weekend. - Ani S.

  2. Now that's something i've never tried. and there used to be free classes here somewhere, but maybe not in the summer. i'll have to check. your brother sounds very special. peace and love to you both.

  3. thanks Ani jan
    and Janet you should really try it, it's a great way to calm your nerves and get energy ;)

  4. Hi Mari,
    Your blog is just lovely! I will certainly keep up with your posts and I hope to come and practice some Tai Chi with you soon.


  5. thanks Erika, it looks like we're going to stay on just Saturday morning practice, hope you can join us soon :)