Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This and That


One morning yoga session and I had enough energy to:.........clean my house, do a couple of loads of laundry, cook dinner, color my hair, pluck my eyebrows and take hubby to radiation.... and all this before noon. I really should consider doing yoga more often..


I've been meaning to bring your attention to a few of the links I have on my blog. I really want you guys to check out "to begin within" Alice is an amazing person with great incite to a whole different kind of living. Also check out her daughter's blog "kyranicole", she's making sandals to collect money for her summer camp....Brilliant (like mother like daughter).
Go browse in "wellness within" and "healing bean" great sites both, and you can order some chocolate that's good for ya.
Speaking of browsing..... when you guys stop by and read a little, don't be shy and drop a comment, better yet be a follower. I only have two lonely followers.... now I know there are more of you reading, so come on join in and keep us company. I know...I know.... you guys are all busy with your lives and what not, but if you have a little time to visit and read then speak up and put your voice out there too. I love reading your comments, but don't do it on the count of me, if you have an opinion about a post.... share.
Have a great day!

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