Thursday, May 28, 2009

Which Came First?

We had a pretty interesting conversation over breakfast this morning. As our thirteen year old was eating (no, devouring) his soft boiled egg... He looks at me and says "How does this become a chicken"?... This kid doesn't ask a whole lot of questions most of the time, but when he does it's usually something comical and a chuckle always follows.
So, I proceeded to explain.... this is a cooked egg.... they don't turn into chickens blah.. blah... blah, he really wasn't interested in the answer, he just thought it was funny asking the question, oh who understands what goes through these kids minds anyways....
Then our 15 year old asks..."So, Rob which did come first the chicken or the egg?" After a long hardy laugh Robert answers..
" the rooster".... Ya, the 13 year old... I was stunned and didn't know to laugh or be upset at the X-rated answer. The older brother advises his younger sibling that he shouldn't crack jokes about things he doesn't "get". Then they go into this whole dialog about who "gets" it and who doesn't.
All of a sudden, I'm feeling left out of the loop... like hello??? Mother sitting here....
What are these kids learning in school these day, from their friends no doubt. I found the whole thing so funny, that here we are... I guess they are grown up enough to "get" these kinda jokes, of course I didn't laugh, didn't know what to say really at the moment, so just said... " ok smarty pants, there will be no talking like that..." and was barely holding myself back from bursting into a serious laugh. Wow, I guess we always see our kids as the little innocent young ones, but boy do they grow up fast, before we know it they'll be teaching us a thing or two about life... chickens and eggs and what not.
But it was a good laugh, way to start the morning.

Love and Peace! (with chicks and eggs) :)


  1. oh sounds lovely - conversation from teens in front of mom is a gift no matter what the subject, laugh along mom - it's ok. Then, a stern reminder of manners ;)

  2. thanks Jules, will keep that in mind :)

  3. Oh, Marin, thanks, I laughed so hard, after reading Robert's response...didn't expect that one...I could imagine him with his yummy cheeks, mi kich charachichi naivatskov...saying something like that! Very cute...and hillarious!!!

    Love you guys...

  4. thanks Aniko jan, I've missed your comments :)
    glad to have you back

  5. I have to say, sometimes I have difficulty commenting...sorry, I just become too emotional after reading certain blogs...Just know that I read your beautiful blogs regularly...I really love and enjoy how your express yourself...your "highs and lows"...

    Also, the letter that you posted was so moving...Yeah, I felt tears rolling down and was completely choked up...but how beautifully it was written...

    Anyway, I get so happy when I read more cheerful blogs and I so wish that you have more of those cheerful days with Gago and the kids...

    Love the pics you post of your family...and love you all!!!


  6. so nikki asks me what a boyfriend is and i slowly got nick involved. after a few seconds of nick casuall answer(with fear in his eyes)
    nikki cuts him off with"i'll wait till i'm 10"
    we just stared at each other in silence

  7. oh boy 10 huh, better get ready!

  8. Ok BF, here is my first comment on your blog. I LOVE IT! I always knew you have so many talents, but never knew about your writing capabilities. I am glad this has given you the chance to express yourself, at a very difficult time of your life.

    I have gotten into a habit of checking your blog on daily basis, sometimes stopping and revisiting it, if the content is too emotional. Love your photography, and of course all the family pictures. Loved your blog on your mom. What a lucky woman she is, to hear her daughter praise her this way! I'm certain she is proud of you now and always has been, as you've been the epitome of a perferct daughter (and of course, wife, mom and friend).
    your bf