Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pap's Beauties

So yesterday went pretty smoothly, yes it was a long day, and we ended up in the pediatric infusion room, as the usual rooms were all full, but we made it through the day ok. As Gagik dosed off into a long nap, I berried myself in mindless magazines, just to block out all that was going on around us... is it selfish of me for blocking things out sometimes?? I just can't handle any more pain in my heart and seeing those kids in that situation is a very painful thing.
Anyways, Gag is doing "ok", today. I was worried that he would have too many side effects as a result of the chemo and the bone density infusion he got, both on the same day, but again he is doing "ok". And that's a good thing. As long as we can control his pain, and his appetite is good, and he's feeling a little stronger, than I'm good, I'm happy.
And since I'm in such a good mood today... I decided to share some of the beauties growing around the house. Some are in pots, others around the pool, and the roses are all along the fence in the front yard. I can't take too much credit for them though, my dad is the one with the green thumb in the family. Few years back he grew 45 Willow trees just from a single branch, yes that's right 45, our driveway was starting to look like a forest, they got to be around 5 feet tall. He gave some away to family and friends fortunate enough to have a yard large enough to grow them in, and the rest he donated to our towns parks and recreations organization. I should make some time and go see how much they have grown.
And as it turns out.. the man can write too, who knew??? He is in the middle of writing an epic story of a novel, he won't let us read it, and from the small captions he's read to us... it's brilliant. I'm amazed at this man, he was a champion fencer as a young man, taught most of his adult life, physical education in private schools, and fencing at the LA Athletic Club, he has influenced so many young minds, who have grown to achieve so much in their lives. Not to mention how great of a father and husband he has been. I love my pap, he is as great of a man as he is a gentle one. No wonder I married such a terrific guy, I had my pap growing up as a role model, and you know... they are very much alike, my hubby and pap. And look at him go.. at 74 still finding more and more ways of reinventing himself. Right on pap!
Love and Peace!


  1. Beautiful flowers like you are by being you. BE HAPPY ALWAYS :)

    Ani S.

  2. Thanks Ani jan, you're so sweet. :)

  3. don't they say we find a man like our father to marry. i definitely see that in my husband, tho' mine is handier with a hammer than my own father is.

    glad you're feeling happy today.

    i'm linking to you in my #700 post today. :-)

  4. Julochka.. Thank you, I'm so touched, can't wait to read it.

  5. You have so many gifts, Mari. I hope you know that. You have a gift for writing (like your dad), a gift for photography, a gift for seeing the beauty of life even amidst its trials, a gift for laughter (the story about your sons at breakfast was priceless), a gift for loving, a gift for seeing into a person's heart and honoring their essence, a gift for baking cupcakes (!), a gift for allowing your emotions to flow deeply...I could go on and on. I have found that finding the gifts in any situation helps me deal with the situation better. So, I thought I would just list a few of the gifts I have seen in the stories you share with us.

  6. Sue, once again you shower me with so much positive... did I mention how much I love your comments, from what I can see, you too are a person with many gifts... Thanks for pointing some of mine out, not that I'm being modest, but I rarely notice the true gifts inside, it feels good when others notice :)

  7. Blocking things out at times is called "self care" and "honoring healthy boundaries". You can only take so much and it's good to respect your own limits. Enjoying your blog Mari!

  8. thank you, I enjoy your blog and all the neat things you inform us of too fragrant muse :)

  9. Okay so we all know where you get your writing gift, and you may not take credit for growing those flowers, but you can certainly take credit for for those beatiful pictures. Way to go Pap and Marinik!