Monday, May 4, 2009


I wanted to share a poem with you all that Robert wrote for his poetry project at school:
Fear is an infection
Taking over one by one.
Fear is like an animal
Hunting you down.
Fear is in your room
Waiting for the darkest hour.
Fear is like DNA
You can never get rid of it.

For a 12 year old, this is pretty deep if you think about it. What is FEAR; It is possibly our biggest demon, it cripples us, hinders our abilities and is the very wall that we hit time and time again in our lives. Even he has understood how deep into our core this is imprinted, when he says "it's like DNA", it is just as much a part of our being as our DNA. The most difficult hurdle to overcome, whether it's fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear to love or hate, it has been, is and always will be our biggest downfall.

Imagine if we were given a gift by some alien being to make our thoughts into reality by just thinking of them. All the amazing things that we could achieve, just by thought alone we could cure diseases, bring peace to the world or make hunger and poverty disappear, however.... just as much as our mind has these dreams, it can also manifest horrible nightmares, most of which is driven by fear. It would take just one persons fear of world destruction by nuclear war or the spread of a plague, to bring humanity to extinction. I know it's a bit unrealistic, and I think it has already been covered by a movie called "Sphere" (I think).

But this is the truth.... until we are able to control or at least somewhat overcome this demon, we may never be able to reach our potential, to be who we really are meant to be, to follow our passions and make things happen, achieve those very dreams we often day dream about. There are very few people that I have met, that say " why not" or " why can't I do that" and pursue their dream and live life to the fullest. I am trying very hard to drill this thought into our boys minds, that they can achieve anything in life, and that the words "I can't" have no place in their vocabulary.

And what do we do to cover up that fear we all have..? We make excuses, avoid following our dreams... as life zooms by, and then few years down the line, we look back and regret not having done what we really wanted to. We need to stop waiting, stop making excuses and use whatever tools we need to overcome our fears and live the life we're meant to, and if we are going to linger on any fear, it should be the fear of regret, at least this can be a productive thought.


  1. WOW, Robert's poem is truly profound especially in the face of the present happenings. Your blog always moves me. And I have to mention again how wonderful it is that you have an outlet such as this...i love you, ani

  2. I love you too. I came back to your blog after a couple weeks, and read every post. Thank you for sharing your innermost feelings and thoughts with us, and bringing us into what you're going through. You're in all of our hearts.