Friday, May 29, 2009

New Members

It looks like I have some baby sitting duties this evening, it's not something I do very often, and I'm so excited (no ecstatic), and a little nervous actually. I mean come on.. last time I had a baby was some thirteen years ago. Things can't be that different right??? Some love and tenderness and this cutie is happy. Besides, we bonded pretty well the day of his birth, you see I was on "dula" duties and helped coach him into the light. So, I think we'll be fine, can't wait.
On the subject of babies..... our families were blessed with four new additions this past year, all boys (love em), and each one with their own little "manly" characters. Little intro...

I'm Yervand, (photo above), my current daily activities are pretty much the same from day to day.... eat, poop, sleep... eat, poop, sleep.... oh and once in a while cry, and I love hanging out with my dad, can't wait to go to auntie Mari's today, (I think she was the one crying when I first popped out).
I am Noah, little brother to Nicolas, I'm quite the thinker, always serious, but every now and then I throw a smile out there (just to keep mom happy).
My name is Andre, I have a very talkative big sister Nikki (ya I love her). I'm a Vegas dude, so I love to eat, drink (choice of beverage...milk), and love to stay up late (shhh, it drives mom nuts).
And last but certainly not least.... I'm Peter, family calls me Petik(I think my mom follows this blog;). I'm a very happy go lucky guy, sometimes my round cheeks heart from smiling so much, but what can I do... I'm just happy to be here.

Something about babies.... you just can't help but smile, I don't care who you are, what mood you're in, how pissed off your day went, or how much of a grouch you are... one look at these faces and you smile.
I remember talking to a soccer parent on the field one day, they had four kids and were considering having more, oy right? But the dad said... it's what keeps us young, kids bring so much laughter and joy into a home. Now that our boys are getting bigger, I do wish we had a couple of more of these little ones running around.... oh well we'll just have to wait for grand kids, in the mean time we can enjoy these cuties.

love and peace!


  1. Wow, girlie, you sure are surrounded by some cute babies! Thanks for giving a shout out to my cutie :)

    Love, Noah's mommy

  2. hey hon, andre's lookin for a nice armenian girl from (motherland) glendale but nikki has to approve. put d word out...he'll b 1 july 1st.. let us not waist time.
    "babies are god's opinion that life should go on" -carl sandbug
    thanks love.
    andre's mom

  3. moms... I loved writing about your cuties,
    and Apo, we'll keep an eye out for an Armenian chica for Andre :)

  4. now that just made my day. total sweetness!

  5. what a blessing to be surrounded by such beautiful babies with fabulous personalities! All of them are super gorg! you are one lucky aunt!

  6. Love your post.. the boys are so cute. We seem to have girls surrounding us, glad there is still a male population out there!!!! Ali.

  7. thanks mcgillicutty, i was starting to wonder about the girl population, everyone in our circle keeps having boys :)
    glad you stopped by