Friday, May 1, 2009

A Message of Thanks

Today is a better day!

Not because anything is different, but because I woke up having that be the first thought in my mind, and because I greeted my husband with a bigger smile. I guess if you want something bad enough, sometimes you can make it so.

And I have to say, on some days I have all of you to thank. I know... I know... you're all saying "you don't need to thank us, we love you guys and want to be there for you"! Then, don't look at it as a thank you so much as more of an appreciation for the love and support every one of you have sent our way. Both Gagik and I are very fortunate to have such great families and amazing friends, we truly are blessed. Whether it's an e-mail, or a blog comment, a text or a phone call, it mean a lot to us. And even though we have many of you surrounding us and offering to help in any way you can, I want all of you to know that every little thing you do or say does not go unnoticed. Each one of you has a special place in our hearts and touch us in your own special way. We love all of you very much, each of you for different reasons.
We have our clients from the shop sending many greetings and prayers to us, Gagik has old friends that call, and sound devastated who want to be of help to him in any way possible, and all our family members and friends making themselves available for anything that we may need.

I think the way everyone has responded is a testament to the kind of person Gagik is and has always been. Many years ago I read something, can't even remember who wrote it, but it stuck to me and I think it has a very deep meaning.... it goes something like this:

"When we are born, we are crying and everyone around us is laughing.
Live you life in such a way, that when you die you are laughing and
Everyone around you is crying."

I think Gagik is living proof that such a life can be.
Again, we love you all, and value everything you do for us, every message I convey to Gagik makes him smile and that image makes a thousand impressions in my mind.

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