Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Received a card in the mail yesterday from a family member (thanks Gigi). It said:

"Hope is the companion of power,
and the mother of success;
for who so hopes strongly
has within him the gift of miracles."
-Samuel Smiles

Yes at times like this, one has to have "hope", there is not much else we have to hang on to.
But it becomes more and more difficult when what you are hoping for seems to get further and further and dimmer by the day, but we still fight the urge to give up and hang on to that hope, however small that chance of a miracle seems.
HOPE is always with us till the end...



  1. thanks for your question I will be answering the Ask Jules questions in a post on Friday.... can't wait

  2. I learn from you every day. Thank you for sharing. This must be extremely personal.

  3. Dash, it is personal, and sometimes hard to express, but writing as apposed to speaking these words just makes it easier, if you have read some of my older blogs... I really pour my heart out, that's what makes me survive each day.
    I'm glad that what I express is of value to you and others. hugs