Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes you read it right... I've up and joined a boot camp...why you ask??... I don't know I've been trying to find an answer to that same question for over a week now, walking around in pain as my body is sore in places you don't even want to know. Now, mind you there are far more fun and interesting groups I'd rather be part of... say.... oh off the top of my head..... a Martini lovers group?? Where a bunch of us get together tasting a variety of Martinis and not doing a whole lot else.... or say... computer addicts anonymous?? Where us blog and facebook addicts can sit around and discuss how the computer world is interfering with our social lives...all the while holding on to our laptops tightly in our laps, eagerly checking our comment boxes.... But, I chose the boot camp...a wise choice given the health hazards of the above mentioned... don't you think?

So, here's the thing... I'm not getting any younger, and I'm certainly not getting any thinner sitting on my behind blogging all day... and there comes a time when one must choose to either be happy with the way we look and feel.... and not complain about it all the time... or choose to do something about the things that interfere in our thoughts at night and shut that nagging voice in our head once and for all. I think... most of us who are trying to trim down are going about it the wrong way... we get into fad diets and quick fix workout routines for all the wrong reasons. We think that just by starving ourselves, or running our asses off for a whole week, will help us fit into those old favorite jeans of ours or that little cocktail dress for an event we're going to. But, what we fail to realize is that these routines might work for short term results, but in the end we gain all the pounds we've shed and then some....

What I've come to understand the past couple of weeks, is that in order to really stick to a plan...(and this plan shouldn't be all about trimming down, looking good, and loosing some pounds, but more for feeling better, having more energy and just overall bettering ourselves), we should approach it differently... Let me explain, when we decide to go on a "diet" which in turn means cutting calories, restricting some food intake, and avoiding some food all together... we are setting ourselves up for failure right from the start, because we all know that it is human nature to crave what we can't have.... However if we start by committing ourselves to an exercise routine, we start feeling better faster and in turn start to watch ourselves a bit more carefully around the table... Let's face it, if we put ourselves through hell each time we work out... naturally we are not going to want to stuff unnecessary calories down our throat, in turn throwing all that work down the drain. I think we love ourselves far too much to do that...

So... bottom line is, if you want to lose some weight... look at it from a different angle, sign up for some activities just to feel better, that's it... that alone should be your only motive... and the rest will follow. You will naturally want to watch what you eat, you will undoubtedly have more energy to be even more active and in the end will definitely shed some pounds, and in the process you'll have some fun, get stronger, fitter and will feel much healthier. The ultimate bonus will be... when you look good and feel good about yourself... you will be a happier person, and believe me your kids and family will appreciate that.

Get out there and move... just for the sake of happiness.

By the way I love my boot camp trainers and the program they have put together, they are changing lives every day out there... well done guys!


  1. Straight up exactly!

    But just like restricting your diet too much, killing yourself with exercise can have the same negative effects. I think the best rule of thumb is to make healthy food choices, stop eating when you're full, and find exercise that you enjoy doing so you'll not dread doing it every day. Once you start forcing yourself to do anything, it automatically is harder.

    Congratulations on your Boot Camp adventures - that's awesome! I know you're going to be pretty sore in the beginning, but it will get better, I promise.

  2. you are right alix, you have to enjoy it too, i guess i'm having so much fun..

  3. Bravo!!! Mari well said....positive group, brings positive energy, that brings positive life!

  4. You go! Get fit, have fun, but don't forget about us here in blogland, we'd miss you too much! Surely it's not an either or decision? Blessings on you and your fitness plan. Mwaah!

  5. Oh why do they call them boot don't wear boots.... or should they be called booty camps cos you go there to shrink your booties... hahaha whatever you call it I'm applauding you my friend!!! I promise to exercise tomorrow but I am not, ya hear me, NOT joining a boot camp!!! I'm afraid they'd make me shave my head.

  6. Wonderfully said. I now miss my exercise routine when one of my scheduled days does not happen. Then again I love if I am able to get an extra day in. 65 lbs lighter since the beginning of the year and able to enjoy life more and more each day. Thus I agree with you 100%. Get out there, do something, if nothing else grab a camera and go and explore a park, forest, ocean floor :)

    Way to go my friend, way to go.

    ~ Philip

  7. you are so right! you go girl!

  8. you go girl! keep us informed on how it goes...