Monday, November 9, 2009

the creators..

Went to an art exhibit this weekend, it was of one of my all time favorite artists Emil Kazaz.
He has quite an imagination, passion and vision that is apparent in his work. I'm no expert and am in no way qualified to judge an artist, or give you a detailed analysis of his work. However what I can tell you about is how I felt as I walked around, looking at the paintings, sketches and the sculptures (which were my favorite part of the show).

Who are artists?? Artists are the writers, painters, sculptors, singers, dancers, directors, composers.... visionary people who create. Their imagination and the yearning to create make our world a colorful one. A world that speaks to our soul, opens our eyes to different realms, a world that warms our hearts, makes us cry or laugh at times, that makes us feel, makes us smile. A world without these riches would be quite a sad one, if you ask me.... A few notes of a song can lift our spirits.. or a scene from a picture can make us feel alive inside... a simple photograph can bring tears to our eyes... or perhaps the brushstrokes on a painting can inspire us in so many ways.
What a gift to us humans, to those who have this vision, this incredible ability to express and put out this imagination which lives in their minds, hearts and is embedded in their souls... And what a gift to those of us who see and appreciate their creations. Whether we like a piece of art or a particular group of music notes put together, we must appreciate the "work" that went into creating it, the feelings that were involved in the molding process, the love and all emotions that are ultimately responsible for the end result.

I couldn't help but feel humbled as my eyes jump from one piece to the next, catching all the little details in the paintings, all the colors that dance together on a canvas, or as I felt the many curves on a sculpture, I imagined the number of hours and days.. months that it took to finish each peace... What was involved in the process, how many moments of victory or defeat were felt... yes we can get technical about it, and really dissect this process.... but that will not take away the fact that in the end... it is still a work of creation... The artist is the creator... and we're just going along on the ride and enjoying every minute of it...

Yes artists are creators... of beauty, of pain, of joy, of love, of darkness and of light without which we would all be pale on the outside and inside...

Here are some of the sculptures from the show, enjoy!

So, make some time... go to a concert or an art gallery, stop for a moment to listen to a street musician or look at a statue you pass by in detail, although natures creations are beautiful, and the colors that surround us make our lives fuller.... sharing the vision of our human creations will no doubt enrich your soul....


  1. Very interesting work. I studied Fine Art in college. Thought I had the vision, but realized I did not. I enjoyed making art, but being forced to produce it for a grade kind of ruined it for me. Don't do much creating anymore, but I wasn't terrible at sculpture. It's always the thing that captures me most. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really enjoyed today's post as well as seeing photos of the sculptures. Emil's artwork is amazing..the gallery site does a great job of displaying his work, especially his sculptures...almost feel like I was there. His paintings were fun....fantastical and colorful. I'd like to see them in person. I agree with your thoughts about art having the potential to create a soulful experience. I'm currently find that medium or direction for expressing what's inside my soul... So I keep exploring, blogging is a good outlet for that. You forgot an important artistic expression that I suspect you excel in; the culinary arts! Have you seen the movie 'Babbette's Feast'? Think you might like it.

  3. The detail of the sculptures is amazing. Thanks for showing us this artist. I agree, appreciating art in whatever form adds to living!

  4. the sculpture pieces are incredible ...I want to let you know how much I like your vivid

  5. thanks for sharing the pictures Mari, I really feel like i was at the exhibition! and ure right, her work is exquisite!

  6. i agree... and try to find art in life every day... btw i think your writing is art... hugs!

  7. this is so true. my whole mood and spirit rises when i see art.
    i love these photos.