Monday, November 23, 2009


Well my friends our first recipe swap day has finally arrived, I'm very excited (as I often get when food is the topic :)... Looking forward to some good food today in the blogosphere.

I'll be sharing a family favorite on our Thanksgiving table. My mom has been making this dish for quite a few years, she's the kitchen queen on this holiday and is in no way ready to relinquish that throne to me just yet. But I have been taking on a few of the dishes year by year... squeezing my way in sort of speak. I've put my twist on this recipe of hers for the past couple of years and I'm happy to report... that she approves. So here it is without any further ramblings... (I know... I talk too much) of our favorites.... a simple yet delicious dish.


This recipe is for 6 apples, which makes 12 halves, believe me you will want to double or even triple this one.
This is what you'll need:

* 6 medium Gala apples
* 1 cup of roughly chopped pecans
* 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
* 1/4 cup cold butter cut or torn into small cubes
* 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
* 1/8 tsp. of graded nutmeg or powder

* preheat your oven to 350*F

* mix all the ingredients but the apples in a bowl,
without over mixing, you don't want your butter to melt.

* cut apples in half lengthwise, leaving skin on,
* cut a very thin layer off the bottoms so they don't wobble,

* core the apples leaving most of the flesh in,
** make sure your stuffing is mixed before you prep the apples,
they will turn brown quickly.

* place apples on a sheet pan and fill with pecan mixture,
** make sure each one gets enough pecans and butter peaces

* bake for 25 to 30 min.

** take caution not to over bake
apples should still be a bit crunchy and
the pecans nice and toasty,
the butter and most of the sugar will melt.

* serve these warm delights either before dinner, as a starter with some nice Brie cheese,
serve them for desert or during the dinner.

Either way this is a very easy and a yummy addition to your table.

*and since we don't waste anything in the kitchen... if you end up with some pan drippings just drizzle the juices on top of the apples.

Enjoy and leave a note here if you are playing LET'S EAT!


  1. oh that looks good. pity i am not home to post a recipe swap. i'll play along once i am in my kitchen and have got the photos to post a recipe. in the meantime, im going to drool at everyone elses. btw - is there a list of people who are playing along anywhere on this blog?

  2. Yummy .. now I have the recipe to that gorgeous looking picture you posted yesterday. Thanks

  3. those look really really yummy!! and i've got thanksgiving recipes up on domestic sensualists!

  4. Oh gosh, those look absolutely divine. And I swear I can smell those apples baking and and pecans toasting all the way here in Florida.

    Thank you for this amazing idea. I would think these would also make a fabulous dessert! Mmmmm.

  5. oh yummy! i just put a sticky note up on my screen so I'll remember to post something tonight after work. but i'm going to be thinking about these apples all day!

  6. oh yes, a nice brie or even a walk on the wild side with a blue cheese.
    these look fab mari! i so want to make these.

  7. Brie would be perfect with those. I want to make those now...what a nice breakfast with a croissant...I think my daughter might even get out of bed for these. I'm sending husband to the store! I'm playing too with my sweet potato recipes...And no! I don't think you talk too much, it's fun to hear the story behind the food.

  8. looks very tasty. mouth-watering pics.

  9. Lovely Lovely and yummy and GOOD for you. By the way Mari. I have been prescribing this recipe with minor modifications (replace Brown Sugar with Raw Honey, and Nutmeg with Ginseng)

    It is a great energy tonic for those recovering from illnesses.

  10. i´ve never seen this before. what a great idea. i´ll definitely be trying this. i´ll keep you posted. happy day! besos marinik!

  11. Wow, these look good and I don't even like baked apples! I might just have to try it. Thanks!

  12. sounds delicious! and your blog header is beautiful :-)

  13. It worked! I baked, she smelled and got out of bed for brunch! Delicious! Thanks!

  14. I love the idea of serving these before dinner with some nice Brie. Yum!

  15. Oh my gosh. This looks amazing. I hadn't been playing along, but I am definitely gonna do this.
    I'm worried about it being for dessert tho... do I need to serve them right out of the oven?

  16. Yum. Thank you for sharing that.

    You have been on my mind so much lately. Perhaps it is the impending holidays and knowing the roller coaster they can be. Or perhaps simply because we have a heart connection, and my heart wanders to where you are and wonders how you are. I have been a bit under the weather lately, overwhelmed by the fatigue and other side effects that accompany chemo after a year and a half. But when I think of you, I smile. You are elixir to my soul, just knowing that you are always working toward a smile and laughter and love.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember that you are a blessing to others, and that blesses you in return. Blessed to be a blessing. Just for sharing the essence of who you are.

  17. These look soooooo good and I can't wait to try them!! Hope you and your loved ones are having a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.