Tuesday, October 27, 2009

love from the bogoshere...

My lovely blog friend Christina over at Soul Aperture sent me this photo today...
Her husband participated in the cancer run in Milwaukee on a September day, and among the names of all their friends who have been effected by this horrid disease, was Gag's name too.... made me teary looking at it.

Thank you Christina and husband for thinking of him and thank you for the photo, you truly are a very special person. To think we don't even "know" each other, we met here in the cyber world, between blog posts and sharing stories, admiring our pictures and finding comfort in our words. Yet it would seem we have connected on a much deeper level...

There is much love here in the blogosphere, no doubt about it.



  1. Wow, it is very special.

    Always Peace and Love!

    Ani S.

  2. What a cool photo and a beautiful tribute.

    Thinking about you.....


  3. Gag is so special to us, as well as you and your boys.
    Gag gives hubby "strength in each step".

  4. How thoughtful and sweet! U are always in our minds!

  5. christina is the best soul there is. that gave me goosebumps to read it!!