Monday, November 16, 2009

simple things....

the sunlight in the morning,
the smell of cinnamon in my coffee,
a hug from my boys,
fresh baked muffins,
the warmth of a scarf around my neck,
a hot cup of tea in my favorite mug,
long conversations,
cooking up a storm for my family,
a good book and a quite space,
movie night with my boys,
the way children laugh,
colors on a canvas,
a good laugh,
a good cry,
a call from a friend,
a good movie,
looking through old photos,
a walk through the woods after rain,
the color of sunsets,
getting wet in the rain,
hearing "I love you mom"...

thank you Christina for giving us "simple things"


  1. the way the light falls on that chair is pretty cool too!

    don't you love the simple things?

    i think i'll try some cinnamon in my coffee tomorrow.

  2. cinnamon in your coffee? me too. isn't it lovely. i will have to send you some of my fav cinn.
    a beautiful list... and that light crossing on the pattern of the chair~
    that is love~

  3. I feel replenished after reading this lovely list. Cinnamon in coffee...oh yes!!!!!

  4. I love those simple things too! Thank you for reminding me what's important in life!

  5. i absolutely treasure hearing, "i love you mom" above all else! xo to you and your boys- kitty

  6. I'll take my cinnamon on some ice cream. I love your simple things.

  7. What a wonderful list. It's funny how when I make coffee or tea at home I always choose the same cup. And I get mad if someone else used it (but that's not a happy thought so forget it).
    Wonderful list.
    Wait, can we add a pumpkin scone?

  8. A beautiful list.. the colors of sunset is a favorite of mine too.

  9. a wonderful list - a call from an old friend is perfection.

  10. This list is beautiful! And I just had my first cinnamon coffee last week - DELISH!

  11. profound list... i am in awe of ur writing, Mari. perfectly put.

  12. thanks guys for stopping by and checking out my list, glad you all enjoyed, there were some great list out there. and don't forget our recipe swap day next monday...thanksgiving favorites :)