Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gag's plan..

As most of you know Gagik wanted to be cremated and had specific instruction on what he wanted done with his ashes. Part of the ashes were buried so that family will have a grave site to visit, and the other half was to be scattered at specific locations. He wanted some to be taken to a little place we used to go in Baja Mexico where we've had some great times, some he wanted scattered on and along the 3rd green at his favorite golf course, and the rest taken to Armenia, his birthplace. I've decided to keep some of it for myself to be mixed with my ashes when my time comes, so that once again we may be reunited.

We are planning to take his ashes to Armenia next summer if all is well, the Mexico trip was planned over Thanksgiving weekend, but we had a close family friend who passed away that week and the trip was postponed. As far as the golf course.... it has been an ongoing planning effort over the past couple of months. Every time we tried to plan it, something always came up or schedule conflicts put it off, so after many failed attempts the date was finally set for yesterday... the reservations at the golf course were made, everyone that was involved were notified, Gag's ashes were ready to be freed from the container, golf clubs were cleaned and ready to go.... then everything went wrong... or did it??

I have a theory... now feel free to call me crazy, delusional even (I won't hold it against you guys)... but I can't find any other logical explanation for what hear me out. As my brother got to the golf course he had a couple of phone calls from the other guys that were going to join him, Gagik's sister's husband, and his cousin's husband were both unable to make it, and the other person with whom Gag always played golf with (his other cousins husband) was running late. Knowing my brother, I knew that he was probably upset that once again this plan was going to fall through... but he took a deep breath, put a smile on his face and decided to take the "Gag" approach and just relax, hit a bucket of balls at the driving range and let the day pan out as it will.... You see, I think Gag had it all planned for us, Nick finally showed up and the game finally got under way... And who were the only people that ended up on the golf course yesterday? The two golf buddies that Gagik always had next to him walking the course...

So, you see no matter how much we planned for this special day to go as we wanted... Gag had other plans, he wanted to walk the course just with his golf partners one last time... it was his wish and that's exactly how it happened.... You may call it coincidence, or just a series of events, but I kinda like my version of things better...

Here are some pictures taken by my brother, and according to him... it was a perfect day!

(the 3rd )


(Gag's resting place on the 3rd green)


  1. I think that it turned out perfectly.


  2. Of course! It turned out exactly as it was supposed to.

  3. What a gorgeous resting place. Love that tree.

  4. it is exactly as u think! Gagik definitely planned this! Its perfect!

  5. Perfect!!!! As always, things turn out exactly as they're supposed to. His spirit is with you my friend, guiding you through everything.


  6. your post gave me goosebumps, really. i find it great that you can accept and even appreciate those 'coincidences'. lovely resting place. coming from a german background whre it is strictly forbidden to keep the ashes of a loved one (probably for financial reasons, you HAVE to buy or rent a resting place at the local cemitery) i love the idea of take the ashes to a place which the deceased person really loved. our american part-time neighbor brought part of her husband's ashes to his beloved garden just a few yards from me last year and i loved the ceremony and the way everybody remembered him. we were even laughing because he had been somebody with an extreme sense of humour. his remains now are resting in a particularly beautiful place with views all over the atlantic ocean - almost as far as to his wife living near detroit...

  7. wow, that story gave me goosebumps! and it looks like it was an absolutely gorgeous day. i'm sure you're right, gag intervened and it was all exactly as he wanted it. beautiful, as always.

  8. Gosh this is all turned out for the best...hugs to you, a difficult time xx

  9. Wow, I had to smile through my tears on this one. Gag and his golf buddies :) Love it!

  10. Hey sis i just read this and i also agree with your wave of thinking. Gag for sure planned it this way and it was more meaningful for him this way. When it comes to Gag everything falls into place as it is supposed to that's just the kind of man he was. Love you always.