Tuesday, November 3, 2009

recipe swap... tell me what you think???

Hey guys, I have a blog idea and wanted to see what you thought about it....

I want to start a recipe swap day.... and it will go like this:
Once or twice a month, say like on a Monday...(why Monday??? well it is the longest and the most boring day of the week, and just because...) whoever wants to participate will post a favorite recipe on their blog. I'm not asking you guys to give out old family secret recipes or anything... it could be something you created or something form a cookbook or a magazine that you like. We can make it seasonal, special holiday recipes etc. etc.

So tell me what you think and if any of you guys are interested in joining in the fun. I'm going to throw in a bonus recipe today. It looks like most of you showed interest in the delightful dish I had posted last week, so I will share this one today.

Looking forward to some feedback from all of you guys...

Ok, so this dish is a middle eastern one, we usually eat it in the morning, when we can have some friends over, and spend a nice Sunday morning. It is very hardy and will keep you going for most of the day.


You will need a few cans of Fava Beans (depending on how many people you are having)
  • *a 29oz can usually will feed two
  • *empty the beans and the juice into a large pot and just warm it up
That's it for the cooking part of things, it's all the yummy condiments that make this dish, and this is all the extras you put on the table to add to it:
  • *olive oil
  • *lemon juice
  • *tahini (sesame paste)
  • *salt, pepper, paprika and cumin powder
  • *chopped onions
  • *minced garlic
  • *chopped tomatoes
  • *chopped jalapenos
  • *chopped parsley
  • *pomegranate seeds (optional)
  • *crumpled feta cheese (optional, I like adding this to mine)
  • *chopped hard boiled eggs (optional)

To serve, pour some beans with juice in a bowl, mash the beans a bit with your fork, pile on all the goodies, season to taste, mix it all in and enjoy, a shot of chilled vodka goes well with this, especially if you have some friends over.

So leave me a few words below and let me know what you think of the recipe swap idea and we'll go from there, Thanksgiving is around the corner, so we can start with some dishes for that holiday.



  1. Recipe swapping sounds like fun. I'm interested!

  2. Count me in, sounds great! Especially when I'm swapping with a culinary expert! I don't think I've ever cooked with Fava beans...and I eat a lot of beans, cannallini are my favorite. Do you eat bread with your Foul?

  3. oh that sounds great. I am in like Flynn.


  4. The Foul recipe sounds delightful, healthy and so easy to make. I would be interested in a recipe swap once or twice a month.

  5. I am game Mari. Foul looks realy good and my imput is that its a wonderful source of protein and essential aminos. One word of wisdom though this is a prefered morning meal. It is very fulfilling and if taken late at night will keep you up, ulness you want to stay up, especially witht that chilled shot :)

  6. Yes! and thanks for this recipe. it sounds delish!

  7. love it!! both the recipe and the idea!! we're definitely having this for dinner tonight! my mouth is watering already!

  8. this is such an interesting dish! as much as i recognize many of the ingredients as particularly middle eastern, i wonder which region this is from. here in israel there are many different kitchens, from north and south, east and west in the region - due to the immigration from these countries (as well as the very distinct eastern european kitchen, of course). but i never had this dish. yet, that is :) thanks for sharing!

  9. what a great idea! and thanks for this recipe! i´m going to look for a pen now! hugs! jane

  10. Um yes of course!!! you always have such interesting pictures of your food and it makes my mouth water!!!! Count me in.

  11. Yes, I am very interested. Count me in!

  12. allright!!! this is great, i'm glad you're all so enthusiastic...
    what i'll do is post on the side bar a little announcement about the date we'll start...
    sooo excited :))

  13. Sounds like a great idea, just in case it slips my mind remind me monday when you see me... Im in on this one!

  14. After seeing the brunch photo, I was hoping you'd post the recipe for the foul. I'm totally unfamiliar with this beautiful dish.

  15. sounds great! im always in for anything to do with food :) let me know how you intend to set it up.

  16. yummy! can i be in? please? please?