Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the game...

So here we were... players, coaches, referees, parents, and family members,
gathered on a Sunday afternoon
(the first day that the smoke had actually cleared up),
all there for one purpose... to remember a great coach, and to honor him by
playing a clean game, to have fun and play from the heart.
T-shirt were made especially for this event for the player to wear
that said:
"In memory of coach Jerry Mansourian
September 6, 2009"

a moment of silence before the game

I took the place of coach Jerry for an
after game snapshot.... this will remain in our
hearts forever...

loyal coach Jerry fans
(thanks Mardy for making these t-shirts and in Gag's fave color)

a jersey was signed by all the players
for us to take home and remember this day by

and here I am... filled with tears of joy and pain.
I wore Gag's favorite cap (which still smells like him).

He always wore a cap on the field, so one day
when he showed up without one... the kids (10 at the time)
were surprised.... one of them yelled out....
"But coach... you're bald!"
what a good laugh we all had that day...

So glad I had enough battery power to at least take a few shots. The special moment of the event though was at snack time, after the game, as I gathered everyone to thank them for putting together this great event... I wanted to make sure that they knew what a memorable day this was for us, and how deeply they touched our hearts, and how proud the coach would be of them.

A few coaches had some things to share as well about the way Gag was on and off the field, and what an important part of the organization he was. So, I wanted to hear from the boys, and asked if any of them had a fond memory with the coach that they would like to share... and what happened was amazing... one by one they got up and told a story or two about this coach they loved so much.... It was truly an honor to be there, and to hear everyone talk about Gag with such high regard, I think it was even more important for our boys to hear all this about their dad. Arman did play that day... and just as I had thought, it motivated him to play this season, and that makes me very happy and I'm sure makes dad very proud.

Gag was there... we could feel him walking up and down the field watching the game he loved... played the way he would have wanted.

I guess we will take part in this seasons games once again... looking forward to our weekends on the field.


  1. Ah, this is lovely Mari. The bit about the boys speaking up to tell their tales is so moving - boys of that age don't often find their tongues like that. Gag must have meant the world to them.

    You look gorgeous! xxx

  2. that was an amazing story that touched me so deeply. i would have been so proud to have met him.

  3. aww ladies thanks..
    spud... "gorgeous"??? that's going too far ;)

  4. I wish that I could have been there to feel the love that was so obviously palpable...
    Spud is right, you look gorgeous!


  5. Hi beautiful! I love the cap. : )

  6. Mari, what an honor for Gag, I know he has to be very proud and yes I am sure you felt his presence as you will on and on.
    much love... Ali.
    p.s. you better be at the next blog camp!

  7. Marin,

    That's awesome that this made Arman want to play another season. It was wonderful to be a part of, and so appropriate.

    I read your post before this one too (as them all), and just know, you're in my heart, and I think about you a lot, even if I can't imagine what you're going through.


  8. hi mari-
    what a wonderful experience. thanks for sharing it with us. and thank you for reminding us of all the "good" there is in this world.:) hugs!

  9. I think in one of my many comments to you over these past months I wrote something about the legacy that Gag would be leaving his boys. At the time I mean your sons. But, after seeing this and reading your words, it occurs to me that Gag's legacy is going to be carried forward by countless boys such as these soccer players. Gag touched the hearts and minds of all those he came to meet. And what a legacy he of quiet strength, a faithful and loving heart, sharing and caring for others, and walking life's journey with dignity, grace and humor. For a "silent" man of few words, Gag's life speaks volumes.

  10. thanks guys, i'm so glad i was able to share this event with you all.
    sue... i'm with you on everything you said..
    the last two lines in the poem i wrote for him were...
    Though he is a quiet man, he says much with his actions.
    and you said it well... :)

  11. Ahh, I missed the poem..did you publish it?

    What a beautiful day. How many of us ever know the lives we've touched. To see and hear and feel that love is the best. The best we can ever do. And you know.

    Yes look at your photo again. Love is transforming. I see a beautiful woman brimming with love and pride and shining with joy. So many emotions must have been felt and experienced that day.

    I'm glad I got to hear about it.

  12. Deb.. i did publish it on a couple of occasions... but here it is again, just for you...

    These are the things I love about Gag.....

    He is a strong man, yet very gentle.

    He is hard working, yet lives his life in the slow pace.

    He loves wholehearted, yet doesn't smother.

    He gives and gives, yet never expects in return.

    He has seen much sorrow, yet never complains.

    His compassion is deep, and his understanding even deeper.

    He has the patience of a wise man, and the wisdom of an old soul.

    Though he is a quiet man, he says much with his actions.

    This is the man I love...!

  13. what a tribute ~that must have been a whirlwind of emotions.

  14. Beautiful..I especially like the prhase 'His compassion is deep, and his understanding even deeper.'

    But what I've come to truly appreciate in people is 'he says much with his actions'.

    thank you for reposting it for me.