Thursday, September 3, 2009

the things we saw (part 1)

the beach in the morning light

surrounded by beauties like this

the view from our balcony

Mayan woman selling hand made handkerchiefs

ball court at Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza
(Arman calls this one "Apocalypto")

a little dancing show after the tour

Hope you enjoyed, I'll have some more up next week.

love... peace... joy...


  1. Time to tell you yet again how talented a photographer you are. You have the eye. You have the style. And you have the heart.

    So many talents. In just one person. Wow.

  2. Love that you are sharing those pictures with us. Thank you.


  3. All of the trip photos are great, but, I have to tell you, the blue toe photos in your blog banner are the BEST!!!!!! Blue toes for everyone, yay!


  4. so beautiful! love the colors - in the water, in the flower, in the dress . . . all gorgeous! and see? you are one of those that makes me itch to take better photos!

  5. Thanks for sharing all this with us. Everything is very beautiful as you are in every way.

    Ani S.

  6. Oh yea! I was hoping you'd share your trip views with us. How fun to visit the tropics from my desert home. Love the portrait of the Mayan woman...speaks volumes. And yes, the blue toes are the best!

  7. wow... who would've thought a few blue toes would be so popular ;)

  8. lovely to see where you spent special time with your boys - such a beautiful place and so many things you seem to have discovered together. and what lovely photographs these are too!