Saturday, September 12, 2009

little Tokyo...

we had a lovely afternoon at little Tokyo yesterday.
the boys had been wanting to go back to
the "best noodle house ever"... according to them.

I have to admit... it was pretty good, they have anything
from mild to burning volcano hot, three
different flavored soups with all the extras you want.
notice how it says "eat at your own risk".. they weren't
kidding, I had the #2 and wow, felt like a fire was
slowly smoldering inside my mouth.

mind you the portions are huge, could feed a family of four,
I couldn't even eat half of it,
Arman's friend Khalid was
the only brave one to eat it all...
and he had the #1, ouch..

the boys and their friends were in heaven

apparently that guy from "man vs food" has
made an appearance here and has won this
challenge, amongst other brave souls.

we did some book shopping....
it was Japanese anime heaven...
I had to drag the boys out of this store.

the skies above us were beautiful,
the weather was perfect
so we walked around a bit
took pictures (only yours truly of course)...
and watched the most beautiful sunset through the
downtown skyline on our drive home.
A good day for the boys and mom :)

love... peace... joy...


  1. Oh the noodle soup does look delicious!!! I have to go and check that place out with Hyeg!!! I know he will appreciate that place very much since he loves real authentic places and LOVES ramen soup!
    So glad you had a lovely day together...

    Love you guys,


  2. Last time I had that type of food was in Sydney in 2003.My boys and I also love this type of food.....
    Glad you had a great day.

  3. i am not a great fan of noodles, but if it is fiery hot, i can be tempted. although those are really huge portions!

    btw - totally love the blue nails in the header pictures :)

  4. I've been to China town but had not heard of little Tokyo! Cool...I love Japanese food. The noodles do look good...I just realized I'm hungry!

  5. nice pictures! the noodle soup looks great but i can feel the fire in your mouth just looking at it...


  6. Oh, wow, another place on my to-do list. Looking forward to it!

    I'm so happy you had a good day.