Thursday, September 10, 2009

the things we saw (part 2)

this is a sink hole at Ik Kil where we jumped
off of that platform (about 20feet) into the
cold and refreshing water

a place to chill and clear your mind

a church in Via Dolid
(I have a better shot of the church, but I liked
the movement in this one better, took it from the bus)

a couple enjoying a nice dinner by the bay
while I sat in the balcony enjoying the sunset...
thinking of Gag...

amazing sunsets... every evening

lights overhead at dinner time...
doesn't get any better than this...

souvenirs galore..... I bought nothing
(not really the souvenir type :)

a show every night, this one was terrific

sand art by Robert
(the kid likes to create no matter where he is, what can I say)

this is Tulum, what a beautiful place
(Mayan ruins right on a cliff by the big blue)

dinner for two
a few couples enjoyed a romantic evening here
under the stars....
(must have been nice)

So there you have it, some more images to share with you all.... you feel like you went on vacation with us??? :)

p.s. please excuse the dirt all over my camera lens.... I wasn't really paying attention...

love... peace... joy...


  1. man, i love mexico! thanks for the memories!

  2. Such in credible beauty. Um, and the photos are great, too! :-)

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the overhead lights photo.

  4. Ohh, yes I can just imagine the three of you there. It does bring me comfort to think that you got to experience such beauty. I know that it must have been balm to the wound. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics...especially liked the sunset.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed you vacation even though it was hard at times.

  6. Hmmm...I may need to go there soon. Blue water, sand, open spaces, what looks like fin atmosphere, colors for photographs, blue water, ocean, sand, did I mention the ocean. *Sigh*

    Thank you for sharing though, mui appreciated.


  7. those are some gorgeous sunsets.

  8. Marin, as usual I enjoy your photos that you post very much...There is something so serene about them...Keep them coming...



  9. i love the lights overhead in the evening and the sunset. and that ruin near the beach is fantastic. i'd love to see that in person.