Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fall has arrived....

well folks... fall has officially arrived
a walk through of a retail store
shows quite a bit of evidence of this

spice and cinnamon scented candles
invade your nose as soon as you walk in

colorful and soft woven scarves
are begging to wrap around your neck

Halloween fabrics are everywhere
from costumes for the kiddies to kitchen towels

and my favorite.... rain gear piled high on shelves

yup... it's here, the weather is changing, the smells and colors around are changing, and so are we.... looking forward to cozy corners, comforted by soft blankets, hot tea and the crackle of the firewood.... enjoy the change of the season... as this too will pass quickly and take us into the winter, as we will no doubt be yearning for the warmth of summer once again.... and the cycle will begin all over .....

by the way all the images above were taken with my little baby cannon :))) not bad huh??


  1. trusty booots! yes it´s here!

  2. Love your photos! Yes Fall has sure arrived here too. I am starting to pack things away as we leave for Yuma Arizona mid October and come back here for Spring and Summer.

  3. not even close to something that looks like a decent fall, but i wish i could where rain boots again. does that make me weird...?

  4. love those scarves!

    (trinsch: lol!)

  5. I've always wanted rain boots. I've been eying them for several seasons... And isn't it funny how we're always wishing and waiting for the next season. I need to learn to stop and enjoy "now"

  6. hahah! i have the bat towel, but i haven't gotten it out yet. would you believe a store in indianapolis already has the christmas trees out and music blaring?!? what happened to the present moment?

  7. jane loved your corner view today,
    delena how fun to live in two places,
    trinsch welcome, hope you stop by again,
    kristina i'm a scarf nut too,
    bambi never wait for tomorrow,
    and kitti... i know just what you mean, let us enjoy this season before we head to the next
    thanks guys for keeping me company :)

  8. I can feel it too here in the northwest. It is more cloudy and cool and the cascades are getting their first snows this week.

  9. lovely lovely fall!! :)like ur pictures mari. Expecially the scarves. they are truly BEGGING to be worn!

  10. Glad you are enjoying the cool weather...I'm embracing the wild winds blowing through this part of Colorado...My wool carpets are getting a fabulous airing. Loved the scarf photos too...can almost feel them from here.

  11. i' not sure wheter I am ready for fall as our few summer days went by so incredibly fast, I wore just a tiny fraction of my summer t-shirts and had to keep to my fleece jackets, sniff sniff. but I am spending those blessed late summer days in a gorgeous place and won't be back to Ireland till Tuesday. so I might be ready for fall by then!

  12. Loved your post, it is beautiful, so is your profile!

  13. Fall is my favorite season too. I love all of these images.

  14. not bad at all...a little P&S is the very best for sneaking pix in stores. :-) and now i want new scarves!!!