Sunday, August 23, 2009

the first day....

Day one was a tough one....
It started with the window seat... as I saw Arman looking out with a huge smile on his face... it reminded me of how Gag would get glued to that tiny window as the plane took off (his favorite part of the flight), and would open the screen every now and then during flight to see the world from above. The four and a half hour flight went by pretty fast as I was lost in thought...memories and drowning in my tears.. Arman slept while Robert found comfort in his sketch pad and pencil.

We settled into our room... the view from the balcony was so beautiful, the pool and the small harbor on one side and the blue Caribbean sea on the other. None of us wanted to leave the room (we were pretty tired, no sleep the night before.) So we retreated under the down comforters... ordered room service and entertained ourselves with a movie.

As I watched the sunset sitting in the balcony... the pool side lounge was playing some jazzy tunes Gag would have appreciated. My eye glanced over at a table in the harbor side restaurant where a couple was enjoying the music, sipping on some wine.... here too I thought of him and how he would have loved that corner table...sitting there for hours, sharing a nice bottle of red, and a well made steak... conversing and swaying to the melody of the evening with me....

We are feeling a little better today... must enjoy the beauty that's around us...

It's obvious that the laptop made it with us on the trip... but... it will not be taking too much time from us... we are off to lounge on the beach all day... the boys will be deciding on what tours they want to go we'll be busy doing the whole "tourist" thing, but will report back in at times.

Adios my friends


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  1. enjoy your time there and relax.

  2. It sounds beautiful. Hopefully your sorrow will ebb and you can enjoy the kids and the beautiful scenery. I agree with kamana: enjoy and relax...


  3. We get to travel from our armchairs with you. Yea! I want to hear about the sand and the sun and playing with your boys in the sea. Nature is very comforting and healing. When I see a spectacular bird or flower or sunray, I know that HE is gifting me. Sending me a love note. I pray you'll find lots of love notes today. Tell me!

  4. Mari,
    Have a wonderful, relaxing adventure. Do whatever you feel like, even if that is take a nap in the middle of the day....honor whatever feelings you come across and revel in your sons.

    Take lots of photos of you and the boys...


  5. Each day is a new beginning. Enjoy them for their uniqueness, their new opportunities, and the fact that today's adventure is tomorrow's memory. Make wonderful memories, Mari.