Monday, August 31, 2009

random thoughts from beach side

When you find yourself lounging around with nothing to do... nowhere to be... you need to entertain yourself right??? And how does one do this? If surrounded by lots of people... do what I do... the next best thing to gossip... people watching (Gag and I loved to do this).
Ok, first you will need the necessary gear: dark sunglasses (so people can't tell where your eyes are lurking about); a margarita on the rocks (or beverage of choice); some sort of reading material (just to look busy); and music if you like a soundtrack to go with the picture :). You're set, now sit back and just enjoy....

So, here are some of the things I observed during this session of people watching, while I sipped on my drink, taking in the sun and the gorgeous view in front of me.... mind you some of these issues really tick me off... or grind my gears if you will... ok ...

#1.. This is what I don't get about people (well just one of the things)... they pay loads of money to fly miles away to a dreamy destination with white sandy beaches and turquoise water... only to spend 90% of their time there in the POOL!!! They choose the chlorine filled, sweat, mucus and pee infested water (ya... you think those kids are actually going to come out of the pool to pee... or the drunk adults for that matter?... don't think so).
So what is it, that draws them to the pool??? The wet bar??? You can get your drinks delivered beach side too people... I just don't get it... oh well to each his own, all I'm saying is... why then, go to the Caribbean? You can just stay at a Comfort Inn somewhere in Oklahoma.. and just hang out at the pool (not that there is anything wrong with Oklahoma...)
And this time we didn't only have the sand and the turquoise water... we had our own private little reef, where you could snorkel for free and see marine life with all it's beauty, like barracudas... colorful tropical fish... lovely corals etc. etc... I just don't get it...

#2..And this really pisses me off... it's sad to say that this one I have noticed more from the American tourists than any other countrymen. Why oh why can't we be nicer to the staff, to the people that work their butts off to make sure that your "all inclusive" vacation goes smoothly and that all your needs are met. Wow... I can't tell you how many times I've held myself back from slapping someone upside down for giving an attitude to someone who is trying to do the best they can for you.
And this "American" arrogance we have... the attitude that we are the best in the world and everyone else is crap... just needs to go away. Please, why do we need to be rude and talk down to people just because they live in another country, or just because they clean your room, your table at the restaurant, or are there only to see to your needs??? They deserve just as much respect as any fellow human being.... Stop it ok? And just for the record... some of our bus drivers in Mexico knew more about world affairs than most people in this country... sorry to say we've got our head so far up our a-- that we have no time for the world...
Ok I better stop here... don't want to get in trouble ;) Oh and one more thing... just because gratuities are not mandatory at an all inclusive resort... doesn't mean you can't still tip them...

#3... This one is more on a personal level...
I watched a couple sitting close together on the beach, mumbling something to each other... and I thought how cute... they're so in love... probably whispering sweet nothings to one another... how romantic. Of course I got teary... I missed Gag right then. But, a few moments went by and I realized that they were actually arguing... and it escalated to the point where she got up and walked away...(wow you must think I'm one of those nosy neighbors huh). This really got me thinking... what could have been so important to argue over... to get in the way of that beautiful moment....
You're sitting just steps away from this beautiful water, the sun was starting to set, so the light was casting golden hues on all things... you're on vacation... miles away from your worries, hopefully sitting next to someone you care a great deal about.... so what could be that important to cast a shadow on that very moment? Who knows... I guess if you are not happy in your personal life... it doesn't matter where you are, those problems will not go away.
I wish people would just stop fussing over little, insignificant things, and just really see every moment for it's beauty, really grasp it and inhale... how sad for those who can't understand that...

Well I won't bore you with more of the random observations I made... instead I'll just leave you with one more thought about our human race...
What is it about free alcohol.... people just can't seem to control the amount that goes in their mouths... watching drunk people attempting to play beach volleyball... now that was fun... what a scene.

I'll be posting some of our pictures later this week. Remember when bored... just watch people around you... great entertainment.



  1. I loved this post! First, I love your blue toes. Summer is the only time I can do blue. I totally agree with number 1. And number 2, I'll be slapping those rude people right along with you. 3. I don't really have a comment... you never know what's really going on. and 4 (I made my own four), I love people watching. I like to make up stories about where they have been and where they're going (dork, I know)

  2. People watching is soooo much fun. Being intuitive, I can pick up on a lot that is real, but it's also soooo much fun to make up ridiculousness and share stories.

    Look at you, you wild woman, Blue toenails and all! How Fun! I'm hoping and praying that all the annoying, rude, people didn't get in the way of enjoying yourselves.

    Welcome back! It's so good to see a new post from you!

  3. I concur, blue toenails are the best....I'll be repainting my blue for Blog Camp in honor of you! Wish you were going to be there!


  4. P.S. I love your new profile picture!


  5. As always, charming and introspective, with just the right amount of levity. You are both insightful and incite-ful.

    What fun.

  6. so much wisdom here! i so totally agree with you on the right way to treat wait staff and other service providers. i read somewhere a long time ago that, in general, people who were mean to waitresses and the like were just not nice people. i knew one in particular. we were very good friends at the time, but it got to be embarassing to be with her. i was always giving the waitress/waiter and extra smile and an extra tip because i felt so bad for them. i let go of that friendship. not healthy and too draining. and i don't miss her one bit.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post. Great observation of people.