Tuesday, August 4, 2009

our young poet..

I've prepared a little gift for my nephew Sevak, he is my brother's son and our godchild as well. We were all moved when we learned that he had written a poem for Gagik and were actually all in tears when he recited it at the restaurant where we were having a memorial lunch a week after Gag's burial. It's a short poem but came from his 10 year old heart and I'd like to share it with you all ....

He got his wings
He got his sword
He's sitting up high
Looking down below.

So I've decided to nurture this hidden talent in his bright little mind, and am going to give him a little poem notebook where he can start his poetry. I've written a little inscription on the first page (signed it Nuna.. that's Greek for godmother). I hope that this will give him the inspiration to continue. I guess it is in times of pain and sorrow that some of our hidden talents wake up, I know he was really impacted by all that's happened. I'm actually really glad he was there a few days before (Gag got his wings), as the boys were all gathered by his bedside and Gagik had a few words of love to share, it was a very important moment for the boys and glad that Sevak was part of that moment.

He also got to have another special moment on one of his visits, as Gag gave Sevak a couple of his old watches, his eyes lit up, you could see the excitement on his face... I'm sure he will cherish those forever.

Thank you Sevak for that beautiful heart of yours that could express such words... Gago would be proud. Love you!

nurture those young minds.... they possess gifts we cannot imagine...

love... peace... joy...


  1. Oh how wonderful...what beautiful words he wrote...and that's a lovely gift, I'm sure he will treasure it. Your handwriting is lovely, so elegant. x

  2. Only a few words but they say so much...I'm glad he had the chance to spend some time with Gagik...I'm sure it meant a lot to both of them.

  3. ...tearful again

  4. That is a gift to him just remind him that you are pround of him always. And Yes Mari jan that is true "In time of pain and sorrow that our talents wake up ", becouse my doughter started writting little by litter when she was in his age, but she does not like to share. He will injoy the gift very much.

    Peace and love

    Ani S.

  5. We all need someone in our lives to encourage us, nurture us. How remarkable that at this time in your life, you are still full. Still able to give. The picture of your husband next to the young boy speaks volumes. Many many blessings to you and your boys.

  6. Mari,
    Only a pure giving heart can do what ure doing for ur nephew. I admire this quality in you. Also, am brought to tears after reading the poem. Its comforting. Trust a 10 year old to do the right thing.

  7. yep, that's talent worth nurturing. how lovely!

  8. you are surrounded by so many cool people!