Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the madness that is the internet...

Oh boy where to begin....?? You all know how much my blog has helped me through this tough time in our lives... I've mentioned it in a few posts. I found a little corner for myself to pour my heart out, say so many things that I would not have been able to express if given the "face to face" scenario, my keyboard and I have spent many hours crying together.. laughing together and I've become very attached to this little home of mine in the cyber world. Not to mention the support that I have gotten from all my readers... your comments have helped me through some very difficult moments, and even the silent readers (I know there are many of you out there) have been a bit of a comfort for me. I have found some new friends here and can see myself living in this corner for many years to come.

Then a couple of months ago, as convinced (no nagged) by some friends... I got on facebook as well... and the rest is history. Wow let's talk about facebook shall we? Or as my 13 year old likes to refer to it as the "old farts my-space"... OLD FARTS???? When did this happen??? Now we are referred to as old farts??? Anyways... here is another little corner... a sort of a piazza if you will... a gathering place for friends past and present. I was skeptical at first, I thought who has time for that??? But I will be first to admit... I actually like that little cyber cafe, I've reconnected with so many old friends that have drifted away... a few friends who live in other countries whom I haven't seen for years, and other than the annual x-mas cards had no contact with before.
You can share pictures with, talk to each other, chat on line (I know whatever happened to just picking up the phone right?)... but with life getting so busy nowadays, people have less and less time for face to face gatherings with most of our friends.... this is bad, really bad of course, but hey at least this way you still stay connected.

But... and this is a big BUT.... it can get really mad... between e-mails, blogging, and facebook... there is no time for real life.... yikes that's not good. It's actually quite addicting... you keep wanting to log on and see if there are any new comments... anyone post some new photos of a family vacation or who has something interesting happening in their lives that we absolutely NEED to know about..... WOW it is madness....

But as I find myself a bit of a hermit at the moment, a bit unsociable really... it is a good place for me... for now.

So... perhaps I should go easy on the boys... and shut up about
how much time they spend on their games and the computer, now I see why they can't control themselves.... We're the adults and can't seem to stay off the damn computer, so how can we expect it from them?? Well summer is almost over anyways... back to the grind of school :).
By the way if you look really close at the middle picture of Rob's hands, you may get a glimpse of crayon left under his finger nails... this is exactly why he never wants to cut his nails... how will he carve his little art??? (this was totally unrelated to the story, but just had to point it out).

So, I guess this internet thing is possibly a "good" thing... just as long as we don't replace it completely with the real world....

Enjoy your day in cyber city.... and if you have an interesting story to share about your computer world.... do tell.... so I can log on later and find something to read about.... ;)



  1. I agree with you - I often sit at my desk with the intention of doing 'work' and instead of that log on to the net to check e mails, check Face Book and now Twitter - help! Where does it end.......?? Yet, I really love my new cyber world! I've met lots of lovely people - you for one!!

    Liz x

  2. It is somewhat addictive, to the point that the first thing I do when I get back from my morning walk is turn the damn computer on, and I find that I'm taking time away from other things just to read people's post or add something of my own. But it is fun, so for now, who cares if the floors aren't getting cleaned as often as they did before blogging. As you well know, there are worse things that can happen in life so do what you want and enjoy it while you can. "If it feels good, do it!"

  3. Its the first thing i do when i enter my office. Switch my internet on, check my emails, check my blog, read other peoples posts, read newspapers online, and read people.com. It has become part of my morning routine.

    It really is the information age.:)