Saturday, August 8, 2009


After a lovely Qi Gong practice this morning, as my mind is feeling clear and I seem to have a lot of energy...perhaps this would be a good day for a story. One that has played over and over again in my head and I've been wanting to share with you all for some time.

For those of you who are new to my blog, this story might make more seance if you go back here and read about Michael then come back and continue with today's post.

As you may remember... Gagik was very pleased to have reconnected with Michael (Father Mardiros as he is now known). They had a few phone conversations and were looking forward to their face to face meeting after 30 years. And when we spoke first, he told us that he would not be able to visit before mid July, as Gag got weaker and weaker, he was concerned about not being able to wait for Michael's arrival. And no matter how much Michael wanted to come earlier his duties at the church would not allow him to. So far the tail is unfolding in a very usual manner, however upon his arrival and the few days he spent with us things were more apparent.

Let me explain what I mean... The timing was unusual... the reason for his arrival and for him being here on those days was again unusual and somewhat unexplained. I've thought about it a lot... why is it that in all the years we've talked about him... I decided to look for him at this time??? And why was he only able to fly out here when he did?? He arrived on July 14th, late in the evening and came right to our home to see Gag, who at that time was already breathing his last breaths, laying there in deep slumber from all the medications that were at least keeping his pain in control.

Michael spent a long time in the room with Gag, talking to him...hoping to get some acknowledgment. He came back the next morning and spent many hours again with him, I let them be.... while sitting in the living room hoping that Gag would at least open his eyes and see Michael's face, as I knew how much he was waiting for that very moment. And he did... for a brief moment he looked at Michael... and I knew he could hear him, he knew it was Michael... I was relieved and glad that even though they didn't have the reunion they had talked about on the phone but at least the connection was made.... A few hours later Gagik was gone...

So, here is my theory.... far fetched you might think, but makes all the sense in the world to me.
Michael was supposed to be here at those very moments, and the hours and days that followed.
His presence here was needed then, his purpose was to be with Gag his last few hours and to give him his last blessing, to welcome him to the light, to make his journey easier. I ask you again... why was he only able to come as he said on the phone to me "not before July 15th".... because that is when he was supposed to be here.

And let me tell you having him here was truly a blessing in so many ways...
He took Gag's hand and led him into the other world...
He was here to talk to the boys in the days that followed...
He was here to give me peace...
He was only disappointed that he couldn't stay to perform his priest duties for the ceremonies that followed.

Was there some Davine plan??? Was this all written in the stars??? It sure seemed that way to us. And as I look back now at the way Gag lived his life and the person he was... it comes as no surprise to me that something special took place and it all happened the way it was supposed to.

And as I hope now, and perhaps just to relieve my pain a bit... I want to think that he did have a more important destiny that went beyond our need for him to remain with us... the answer to that we may never know... but he seemed to have lived his life like an angel without wings... here to change lives... teach love and leave a trail of joy behind him... his duties here on earth were well performed, he passed with flying colors... and even though he had much pain and suffering through his last journey, perhaps that too was a test, the last test... and he handled it with grace, strength, patience and courage... passed that final test into enlightenment...

That's my story... and I'm sticking to it.
Glad I was able to tell this story to you all as I had played it in my mind for so long
... what's your take on it???


  1. Mari, I agree with you absolutely. Divine intervention or whatever you wish to call it. that is how it was meant to be. I'm glad Michael was there with you all when he was. an angel indeed. xoxo

  2. Marinik... I am sure beyond a doubt it was Michaels purpose to be with you and Gag at this time. You describe it perfectly, there are always things you'll remember about his passing and it seems this is a warm memory for you...and it's wonderful you can share it.
    much love... Ali.

  3. mari, I believe everyhting happens for a reason. Michael did indeed come at the right time for the right person. God works miracles for special people-like Gag.

  4. oh man oh man oh man. I am a month behind I swear! But, I crawled into my own shell this summer. I have retreated from the world real and blog. I am just coming around a few blogs and I have missed so much.

    You are an amazingly strong woman and I am in tears. I am coming in seeing that you are at a point in the road where you lie down or you keep walking and it seems that you have chosen to keep walking - with your head up. Bless you.

  5. Divine it it always is. As days go by, you will see things with new eyes and you will find more things that in retrospect will let you know how Divine they were. My prayers include you and the boys....

  6. I would say "your take on it" was pretty accurate. I had been wondering what happened with the Michael visit story and am comforted to know that his timing (and His timing) were perfect. He didn't arrive early to spend time remembering the past. Instead, he arrived in the present to help Gag with his present situation and to be there to escort Gag into his future. With God there is no past. Just the present gift of His presence today and His promise of tomorrow.

    Keep writing, Mari. There is so much healing in the process and in your words.

  7. Yes, my dear friend. "It was written" And so beautifully.

  8. Rather like a moment of Shunyata, the confluence of all phenomena the Buddha explained as interdependence. No one, no thing, no situation existing in and of itself/himself/herself. It is moments like what you described that gives us a glimpse of the very warp and weft of all that is. What a beautiful story. Love to you!

  9. There are no coincidences. There is a plan. Things are working together for your good. The journey is long but you will be sustained and strengthened. So grateful Michael was sent to you and for you. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Marine,

    What you described makes perfect sense to me.