Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seek and you shall find....

Don't you just love the Internet??? I know, I know.... I've always been one of those people to bad mouth technology and blame this fast growing cyber world of robbing our kids of true innocent childhood... blah..blah...blah.... and to a certain extent it's true. Think about it our new generation can't imagine a world without their personal computers... held hand games... i pods... cell phones and of course the all mighty Internet.... can you blame them??? That is the world in which they were born into... ok here I go again veering off... (let's focus Mari...)

The reason I bring up the Internet today... is because it has helped me bring two old friends together after 30 years. ( a little background....) Gag attended the Spiritual Academy at Etchmiadzin Cathedral back home (which by the way is the oldest church in the world 301-303). It was possibly the most well spent years of his youth, having had lost his father to cancer at age 10 and having an ill mother, a teen boy could have gotten himself into a lot of trouble if not for this school. In the four years he attended there he made life long friends and mentors. One such mentor was his English teacher (pictured below with Gag) Michael, he was more than a teacher... he was that ever important great male role model any boy needs at that age, and taught him a lot, and in return Michael gained a family in Armenia and has always cherished that connection. However after Gagik and family moved to the US in the late 70's, they lost contact for whatever reason. And for as long as I have been in husband's life... every time he looks at old pictures... he remembers Michael with such fond memories and always wondered where he is and what he's up to...

Well... I took it upon myself to give Google a try... I thought "why not... I might actually find him".... And find him I did! I sent this photo with an e-mail to a church in New York where his name came up with the search... and sure enough they forwarded it to him. A couple of days ago we received an unexpected phone call. Michael was very pleased and thankful that I had found him and at the same time was devastated at the news of Gag's illness, and was also disappointed at both of them for having wasted all these years wondering what the other is "up to".
He is flying out here in mid July to spend a few days with Gag. This of course has made Gagik so happy, and is looking through his phone book to see if he can gather some old friends from the academy that are also here in LA, for a reunion day of reminiscing the good old days, and spending the day with laughter and joy.

Once again... don't you just love the Internet.... used properly it can bring far away worlds together.

top picture... (is my fave) Gag is at the far left corner
center picture... he's getting ordained at the first level
bottom... Micheal and Gag (last picture taken together)

If there is anyone that has made an impact in your life and is no longer in it... deserves to be "searched"... don't waste any more time!

love and peace!


  1. how cool is that! i love hearing what your family is up to!

  2. Mari, what a wonderful gift for these two men to find one another after so long. Our lives are not complete when we live only within ourselves. It is when we reach out to give and to receive that we learn the true meaning of why we are here. We live, we love, we share, we cry, we laugh, we grow. We touch and are touched. We are the family of man, joined by our hearts and by our humanity and by our experiences.

    I can't wait to read of this visit and share in the delight of two "family members" coming home to the hearts they share.

  3. Wow, Mar. That is so cool! I mean, really, all throughout I have called you a true worrier but now I can add "Inspector Gadget" to the list. A true Columbo you are! I so want to be there during this visit...because as you know, I have to make everything about me, right? That's the true Gigi spirit, as we all know! OK, back to this reunion. I am so happy for you and Gag. Love, Gigi

  4. such a beautiful story, my friend. this internet is good for something after all. wink ; ) Give Gagik, a hug from me.

  5. thanks for sharing our excitement... i'll keep you guys posted...
    and gigi... i thought it was all about you ;)

  6. There is one important component that needs to be mentioned here as well. Your perseverence Mari. Your true compassion and wish to turn the world (all be it the electronic one) to grant happiness to your loved one.

    Koodos Girl


  7. Oh WOW this is a wonderful tale, Gag must be so so thrilled. I hope my boys have an outstanding male role model (beyond their father of course) as they grow up, it's so important for boys - especially as they are teens, to have male mentors to inspire and guide them.

    Wonderful photos too! Thanks for sharing xx

  8. Wow, this is great! You are awesome and such a loving and devoted wife.