Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Blues

Since I don't hold a "9to5" job perse, other than going to our shop a few times a week for some product orders, billing, payroll and whatever else that needs my attention... I spend most of my time at home taking care of Gagik, running the household and being a mom for the kids. So, my Monday "blues" might not be the same as most of you who have to report to your office for duty.
My Mondays consist of going slowly through the house and "undoing" the weekend, cleaning the mess left behind by sons and their friends, doing the laundry, going through the fridge to make room for the week, grocery shopping... etc. etc. In a way, it's similar to going to the office and organizing your work for the week.

Either way, whether at a "job" or at home, Mondays are hard to get into. We've enjoyed the weekend, not necessarily having any particular schedule, have done some lounging around, relaxed and had fun with family and friends... and getting back to the "work" mode takes some strategic planing. Some people start getting their mind in order on Sunday night, and others have their Monday morning routine to shift gears, and perform our best at whatever we have to do that week.

So, I decided to help with combating the Monday blues with some more beautiful pictures of my flowers, natures gift to us.
Hope you enjoy, and hang in there the weekend is just 5 days away.
Have a great Monday!

Love and Peace.


  1. My sentiments exactly! This morning I was shocked to see the mess we'd made over the weekend!! I have a teenager staying with the kids for the summer and I just went home for lunch to find she's cleaned up for me! YEAH!!! OH Happy Day!!!!

  2. Wow, Ali, a teenager cleaning up... somehow those two words don't seem to belong together huh..:)
    but I'm impressed. Good for you, then enjoy your Monday as much as possible.

  3. Oh, how I remember Mondays when i was working, arriving at work, counting the days until the weekend. The weeks flew by quickly since each day was spent just trying to get one day closer to those precious days off. Now, after five and a half years on this cancer journey, each day is precious to me for whatever it holds. I no longer count down the days until freedom. Instead, I have given myself freedom each day...freedom to appreciate the moments for what they are, for whatever they hold. Each day is a gift. I know you already know that, Mari. I can always feel it in your writing, in your appreciation of nature, of the beauty and the love that surrounds you. Even though Mondays represent a change from the weekend, they also represent another gift to be used the way you see fit. And you used today to be productive in your choses while at the same time you balanced those chores with the time to photograph your beautiful flowers. You are much younger than I am, Mari, but you already have a wisdom, a sense of gratitude, that typically comes with growing older. How blessed you are to have received these gifts so soon in life! And how much richer the life you will live because of them. Blessed. You are so blessed. And today you have shared those blessings, thus being a blessing to others. No wonder you are loved so deeply.

  4. Sue you always make me cry... :)
    you are such a special person.. but I'm sure you already know that,right?

  5. thank you for the beautiful gift. really made my day in the office. I was smiling so wide on a monday morning-its out of the ordniary for me. Thank you again:)

  6. monday was great, because it was a holiday. it has, however, made tuesday feel like monday and i know what you mean about it being hard to get into...

  7. Dash... happy to help ;)
    July... glad you enjoyed your Monday off, and if getting into Tuesday is tough, just think it's a shorter week and will fly by faster :)

  8. please do follow me, and come on over to my virtual studio at! it's full of free yoga content. these are tough times marinik. we all need a little deep breathing and awareness. peace, kelly.