Sunday, June 21, 2009

we love you dad

Happy Fathers day pap.... we love you soooo much.

Enjoy Father's day everyone.

love and peace


  1. Gorgeous photos, just lovely. What beautiful boys you have. Happy Father's Day!

  2. have a wonderful day! i think spain is the only country not celebrating father´s day today. they celebrate it on san jose. p.s. my husband has tried for years to get me to play golf.... i´m cringing while i write this but... i just don´t like it... :) besos!

  3. thanks spudballoo
    and jane... just caddy for him :),and carry his water bottle... might just be fun

  4. Dear Gag:

    You and I have never met, but because of the wonderful heart residing in your bride, she has shared her overflowing love for you with me and the rest of the blog world. May I just take a moment to wish you a Happy Father's Day! I know in some ways it is bittersweet, as life can be all too often. But it is the sweetness that is remembered forever in the hearts of those who love you. You have loved a wonderful woman with such commitment that the love you nurtured inside of her spills forth for all to receive. You have shared your heart and your soul with your boys, giving them the understanding to know that love and character and integrity are what make a man a man. You have given them an amazing standard by which to mold themselves and measure their growth as people. You have taught them to laugh, to love, to live, to breathe in life and exhale gratitude. Because of you they have a wonderful work ethic and a sense of accomplishment that comes from being responsible and accountable.

    You have given them direction, then pointed them toward their futures with an openness and freedom that allow them to discover their own values and gifts and to celebrate their uniqueness.

    Happy Father's Day, Gag. You are such a blessing.

  5. Hello I wish happy fathers day to Gag and your loved ones. Very beautiful picture filled with joy && happiness they will stay in your hearts for a lifetime. enjoy your father's day :)
    -Ani S.

  6. Sue... as always you are amazing with your words.. thank you :)
    Ani.. happy father's day to your dad too :)kissess

  7. to be love and be able to give love - that is the gift I wish for you this Father's Day

  8. Your Gag is so handsome! Like my hubby, he's got no hair on top and looks cute in a hat! Happy Father's Day!

  9. Jules you're right on..
    TFM... it's funny that's how I met Gag (he had no hair) and now when I look at photos of him with hair it's weird... like it's not him... I don't like it... :)