Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Simple Things in LIfe....

I guess the theme of the day in the blogosphere on this Wednesday morning is "the simple things in life"... Julochka has her list up, inspired by Christina's post, and I had a similar list some time ago here, but today I decided to stick to one "simple thing" that gives me and many others a bit of joy and pleasure.... food. I know our caveman fathers ate whatever they could find just to survive, but eventually man figured out that...hey... some of this stuff taste better with some of this other stuff mixed in and our pallets started evolving. I think food and the process of eating, especially in good company... foods that we enjoy eating.... and those little guilty pleasures that make our tummies happy....
is one of the greater joys in life. And often times it is that little "simple thing" that we enjoy.

I love most cheeses, but have never really been big on blue cheese, however this little, creamy delight I found some time ago from Trader Joe's is amazing, this is my little guilty pleasure I indulge in from time to time. And I don't know if you've noticed this about me from some of my posts... but the things I enjoy eating... I like to savor, and really let the tastes dance in my mouth in stead of devouring it in one bite.

Yesterday after my grocery shopping, this is what I had for lunch.... some nice crusty Ciabatta bread, a nice helping of that yummy Castello Blue cheese, and I love some honeycomb on it, oh... the flavors are sooooo nice together (I'm salivating just writing about it).... focus Mari... focus.

So, enjoy those simple little things that put a smile on your face, and play along today.... let us know what your simple pleasures are in life.

Still gloomy and blue down here in LA today.... enjoy your day anyways :)

Love and Peace!


  1. Do you get the honeycombs at TJ's too? I have never seen them there, but I sure would to try them! I thought it wasn't supposed to ever be gloomy in LA!

  2. Oh sweetheart! You have no idea what you have started. Food, you say? Cheese? I'm a Wisconsin girl, ya know. Cheese runs in my veins. Food is a beautiful part of my simple life.

    Can I stay for a while and visit?


  3. TJ's doesn't have the honeycombs, but Whole Foods do I think, I get mine from our little Armenian groceries, hope you find some it is sooooo good together, good luck.
    don't get me stated about the gloominess of LA, ever since June rolled around it's been cold, cloudy and yucky, I don't mine it, but it's JUNE.. come on!

  4. Christina... welcome, you can visit anytime, a girl after my own heart, we "foodies" have to stick together ya know :)

  5. Oh. My. God. That picture. I'm drooling on the keyboard. I love ciabatta bread, and blue cheese and honeycombs but to put them together is divine. In fact, I think I'll go down to the Amish market this week and buy a honeycomb!

  6. hello I am here from Christine's Simple Things ...yummy food nothing more simple than that...I have enjoyed looking at your site and will be back to visit soon...

  7. OK, so this topic is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, Mar!!! Let's not forget how I used to scream when the dessert was rolled out during our cousin get togethers. Oh, how I miss those lovely, happy, happy, happy days!!! THe pics you attached are amazing! I am sitting here at work salivating...even though I just had my breakfast. Yup, I am a forever recovering 'foodie' :)

    Love, ANI

  8. Well, Mari, we may be sisters of the soul and spirit, but when it comes to food we differ greatly. I do not eat cheese. I can't stand the texture of it. I can tolerate it on pizza at times (mostly only in Chicago), and I do put it in a few sauces I make, but I won't eat it. In fact, all of the recipes i cook for company are chosen by whether or not they sound distasteful to me! If it sounds horrible, I will know that normal people will love it! I know, I am very odd. I should send you my bleu cheese salad dressing recipe. I have heard it's outstanding. I wouldn't know, of course. I've never tasted it!

    I love the richness with which you savor life itself...even when that includes bleu cheese!

  9. Oh YUM! I found your blog via Julie's...and the first thing I read is about one of my favourite cheeses! I'm British, and you can find that Blue Castello in pretty much every supermarket. Crusty bread, good cheese....good chutney. What else do you need!!

    I went for 10 simple things, wish I'd included cheese though!!

  10. I adore blue cheese, especially with some water crackers and a little red wine!!! Hubby makes steaks with garlic and blue cheese melted on top... can't be beaten!!!! Yum.

  11. Liz, try them together yum,
    elk, thanks for stoppin by
    Ani, I remember your excitement over dessert :)miss those days too :(
    Sue, I totally get you, hubby can't stand cheese either, but my boys do, so I have a couple of partners in crime:)
    spudbaloo, I'll have to check out your 10, thanks for lookin me up :)
    Ali, steaks with blue cheese mmmm, ok enough... or I'll have to have another piece :)

  12. Marin jan i follow your blog everyday. just love it! yum yum the cheese and the ciabata bread with glass of wine will do it for dinner tonight.

  13. I can taste the bread and cheese in my mouth, i can hear the sound of the bite and feel the warm fuzzies in my tummyyyyy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. blue castello is DANISH!! i'm so getting honeycomb when i get home and a package of that. my mouth was totally watering just reading this. what a lovely entry in the simple things posts. :-) yummy.

  15. Hi Marin, I just had my coffee and guess where I'm heading to now? Trader Joe's, to buy that exact cheese you've posted in your blog, then I'm heading to Whole Foods to buy the honeycomb (too bad we don't have any Armenian markets nearby) and then some nice crusty bread...I am all about trying new foods, and in this case, trying this combo. Honeycomb is my favorite as well , but I've never tried it with cheese...I am sure it's going to be delicious!!!
    Thanks for the images as well...They are mouth watering...



  16. oh man.... I think I should ask Castello for some ad money :)hehe

  17. Yum. Oh, now I'm hungry. Hungry, I tell you. And, it's too late to be eating.

  18. Mari, That is certainly a wonderful combination - crusty bread; pungent, creamy cheese and sweet honey with the comb.

    I frequent several Armenian markets in Pasadena and will definitely have to look for the honeycomb honey.

    Wow, with some fresh fruit and a nice white wine, I could be in heaven with this.

  19. awesome made me hungry looking at that cheese. beautiful photos. and your header is simply divine.

  20. Thank you for you blog. My sister had cancer about 15 years ago but has been cancer free since then. Your blog is a tribute to Gag and the love you have for him. I wish you peace and joy.