Saturday, June 20, 2009

Anacapa Island day hike

Last weekend uncle Aram and uncle Varoujan took the boys on a day hike to Anacapa Island, which is part of the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura.

A little short boat ride to the island must have been fun, (notice how the smiles get smaller as the boys get older...) what is up with that???

hang on tight guys... it's a bumpy ride :)

Don't they look enthusiastic??? You wouldn't say it by looking at this picture... but they did have a good time.

Look how beautiful... too bad I couldn't make it... that's ok we'll go back again.

Does anyone read the signs anymore... ( that's a great shot by the way Aram)

What a great picture. It was a great day for the boys.. big and small :)

Thanks uncle Aram and Varouj, ( sorry Arekg wasn't up to it that day, too bad)

love and peace :)


  1. The place looks so beautiful...I am so glad boys had fun with their uncle...They are really lucky to have such a loving and caring male figure who's there for them during such difficult time!!!
    As for the smiles getting smaller...Yeah, I've experienced that myself with Hyeg...Not too long ago it was so rewarding to see the excitement in his eyes before our trips to different countries...During those trips he would be ecstatic, taking in all the various cultures and experiences...Now, he wants to experience and explore on his own or with friends...My all-grow-up boy...
    I am lucky that Nyri STILL enjoys hanging out with me and enjoys traveling with me...
    Time just flies so fast...and I'm missing so much our adventures together...But, nothing remains the same and this is a new chapter in our lives and it has a different flavor, which I accept and appreciate ...
    So, to even have a "small smile" is a wonderful thing, and needs to be cherished for as long as it will last...



  2. I know Aniko time does fly.. huh
    so we should enjoy these little guys as long as we can... before we know it they'll have girlfriends they'll by busy with :)

  3. Wow what a lovely day they that shot of them way past the 'do not go beyond this sign or else' sign. That's boys for you!! Great photos, a special day.

  4. I was born in Oxnard....! My family used to speed boat race down at Channel Islands....

    Beautiful day and the boys are blessed to have such great uncles.