Monday, June 8, 2009

To All My Fellow Bloggers

I find myself... this morning... a bit drained... a bit unistpired... a bit melancholy....

Had a pretty emotional weekend, which I don't really want to get into...

So, in stead of moping around the house in my ever present comfy sweats, eating ice-cream out of the tub, submerged in self pity (yuk), what I will do... is something I've been wanting to do for some time now... send my gratitude and love to all my faithful readers and followers...

When I started this blog, it was to have a bucket where I could pour all my thoughts and emotions into, which would help me cope with what we are going through, and also to have a place where friends and family would find some updates and overall information about how Gagik was doing.

Well... after some 57 posts and 14 followers... this has become a place of comfort for me, something to look forward to each day, a place that inspires and feeds my creativity, which in turn makes each day bearable, it truly is my way of survival at the moment. And for this I have all of you to thank. Each time I see a new name under my "followers" or have a comment from someone new, it makes my day.... And who are you wonderful people, that find time in your lives to encourage and give so much love, share your thoughts and give so much strength to.... well.... a stranger in need?

To Susan C. and Sue B., two extraordinary women who are also at war with this "real weapon of mass destruction" (as I like to refer to this sick disease)... thank you for all the positive feedback and words of strength that you have sent my way, your words have meant so much to me, and I hope that in some small way I have contributed to at least a few happy moments in your lives.

To Julochka, when you introduced and praised my little blog on your "700" post, to your 800 some followers, it made my day, and sent me straight to cloud 9 for a week (where I don't find myself too often lately), I was crying and so touched that you found something special in my words to share with your readers.... thank you!

To Jules, for inspiring me with your daily postings and for the invite to a virtual pot of tea on my next visit to your little corner of the blogosphere.

To Kitty for your red lipstick kisses sent my way. To Janet, for all the beauty you posses inside and sharing it with us all. To Liz, for sharing your knowledge about natures treasures with us all.
To Dash my first follower... thanks for being there from the beginning. Stacey thanks for giving us Discounderworld, enjoy reading it. Jennifer and Ali thanks for joining me.

To Philip, who after following silently for some time, found himself moved by my words enough to share his thoughts, I hope I can give you some courage and strength in return to deal with all that is going on in your life now.

And to everyone who shares this corner with me, to all the friends and family who have sent much love, support and prayers our way.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Is this sounding a bit like a farewell letter??? On the contrary.... it is a letter that says....
"this is the begging of a beautiful friendship" or should I say "blogship".

Love and Peace!


  1. what a sweet and wonderful post that is a good antidote to my horrible headache. just what i needed. there is so much goodness in the blogosphere. thanks for spreading some around today. :-)


  2. thank you so much, but now I have a tear in MY eye! virtual hug!

  3. Oh Mari you're lovely to mention everyone in your post. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the authenticity you bring to your posts and, although many are born from pain, I enjoy reading them. And how did I not follow you until now?

  4. What a sweet post, when you're going through so much it is nice to have a community to turn to where it's all about the written word, the unexpected picture that captures the imagination and the comfort in sharing experiences. And thank you!!! I love to see your comments and look forward to you stopping by. Muchos Besos!!!! Ali.

  5. wow, you guys are fast.... I'm still going back and forth editing this post and already have 4 comments :) Ali, thanks for coming aboard,(actually I know you've commented before and was trying to find you so I could mention you too, a little too late, thanks guys :)

  6. Mari, i sometimes wonder how it is that we find each other. i mean, out of all the blogs out there, how/why did i pick yours? and how/why did you pick mine? and julochka's, and tfm's, and jules's, etc., etc. sometimes we may not be aware, but i believe we all need each other, and all receive great gifts from one another, though the gift may not be something we can exactly put our finger on. so thank you right back at you! xoxo

  7. Janet said exactly what I was thinking. Mari, I'm so glad you found me because I never would have found you otherwise. And the same goes for the wonderful Susie from Down Under, who is as generous and supportive as they come.

    A stranger, new to blogging, just emailed me with a question: Is it worth it?

    Yes, I told him, and thought of you, Mari, and so many others who have enriched my life.

  8. Mari, may I also add my gratitude to the list of bloggers you included in this post. I guess i don't think of myself as a blogger in that I have a Caring Bridge site and I only update every few weeks. I don't know that I would have the many stories that you and your other blog friends/readers have on a daily basis. All I really know is that reaching out into cyber space is important. It gives us a chance to share our hearts, whether it is in a blog update or in a guest book entry. It was easy to become attached to your blog because it was so easy to become attached to your heart. They are connected by words of joy and pain, beauty and fear, faith and hope. Life is full of a myriad of emotions, and when we truly live, richly live, we are going to feel all of them at some point in time. But to share them, to share your insights about them, to share your heartbreak and your power...well, that is a gift. To us. From you. Yes, the internet may have brought us together by chance. But our hearts keep us together by choice. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  9. Ladies thanks for all your words, though our words are connected via this virtual world, our hearts are connected in the real world...
    here's a toast you us all.... Yasoo! :)
    Mextacy.. welcome to my corner.

  10. Hey sweetheart just know tha were all here with you through the good & bad times. I'm looking forward after a long day after work to come & follow your blog it means a lot of me & its inspired me in a great way. thank you very much. peace & love.
    -Ani S.

  11. Delightful. It was a long day in the cyber-world of work. Immersed in computer screens, connection failures, release issues and such for most of the day it was a pleasant delight to see a post of gratitude from you.

    But I would like to say that it is I and we whom are most grateful. You have opened your mind, heart and soul to us. You have shared your life and given us a glimpse into your world. It is us whom are blessed with the ability to listen to your words in our heads, offer a cyber-shoulder of gracious support, smile and laugh with you and hopefully encourage you to continue your journey in the "blogship".

    I thank you for your most kind words and promise to not stay the most silent of partners in this quest of learning and living.


  12. thanks Ani and Philip, glad to relieve a bit of you work day stress :)

  13. I am back to tell you that your answer is posted on the latest installment of Ask Jules. Bring your friends and come play along!

  14. yeah! you did it!

    Came back over AGAIN to tell you I forgot someone's question - I edited the post and added it to the end. No big deal,just thought I would let you know.

  15. Awww. Mari, thank you SO much. The shoutout really lifted my spirits after coming back from surgery. I am soo glad i found and followed you. Your posts are inspiring, and teaches me everyday to appreciate the Now. Thank you again.