Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Memories

Honeymoon at St. John, US Virgin Islands

Kawai, Hawaiian Islands
Athens, Greece
Meteora, Greece (Julochka had a great post about this place a couple of days ago)
Skiathos Island, Greece
Nagril Beach, Jamaica
Lake Sevan, Armenia

Just wanted to share some of the great memories we've made over the years.... Priceless!

Love and Peace!

p.s. ok so some of my pictures are crooked, forgot to fix after scanning, oh well :) and I learned how to link, yay for me.


  1. Oh, Mari, you will never be able to look back on your life with your husband and family and wonder if you had truly lived it to the fullest. Clearly, you did. How many amazing memories, wonderful times, and warm moments you have shared. What a gift. You have lived your lives as if every minute counted, as if you already knew that life was indeed precious and meant to be cherished. You couldn't have known what the future would hold. But you obviously knew that your future would be created one moment at a time, one laugh, one smile, one shared glance of knowing, loving, feeling life at its best. You have built much more than memories. You have built a legacy that will live on indefinitely. A legacy of laughter, love, and living. How wonderful.

  2. oh, my favorites are athens and rome--what a wonderful life you've had great to see these pictures. and i'll be it was wonderful for you to look through them to find the ones to scan. you will always have the wonderful memories of those trips (it's obvious they were great trips) to hold onto. life lived and loved to the fullest. that must make it both easier and harder to face.

    happy weekend,

  3. I have a wanderlust I started 10 years ago and its so absorbing! I am leaving for Jamaica in 5 days!!! And we are spending a day in Negril!! Now it seems like it doesnt count if I dont leave the country, and I cant get through The Grind if I dont have a trip planned on the horizon.

    Great to see your memories and "checks" off your list of "Places I Need To Go Before I Die". :)

  4. thanks ladies for your comments, they always make my day :)

  5. love your pictures.
    memories will stay forever in your hearts.
    -Ani S.

  6. great memories! youve done what in a couple of ears wghat i wanted to do my whole life! must start soon:)thanks for re-inspiring me!

  7. Marin,

    That's so special. I'd never seen some of these pictures. It's beautiful. You are one-of-a kind, so is Gagik, and so is the love you share. And that love is forever.