Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More thoughts......

I sat down to write about a person who has influence my life, who is responsible for most of who I am today...... but after I read my post from yesterday (as I always do before a new post), I realized that there is more I want to say....
So here are some more thoughts, and perhaps lessons to be learned in life...

We should not go through life with our eyes half open, there is so much to be seen, felt, smelled, tasted and experienced. Let's not be like the people we come across sometimes who are lost in their mountain of paperwork and responsibilities, who are covered from head to toe in "to do" post-its. Who wants to live a life like that... go through it in a daze, too tired to enjoy any part of that life...
So, let's really see things, notice the colors around us, the shape of things, the smells and tastes that surround us. Let's slow down, even stop from time to time and savor those special moments in our days. Let's be that ear or shoulder that someone needs, let's be a good friend, offer a hug, a kind word. Let's laugh whole hearted like we were babies, and play with our kids the way we played as children. Let's look at our kids faces in detail, they will change right before our eyes.

As I look back at the years I've had with Gagik, I feel so fortunate and blessed. He is one such person who values the "real" things in life. He's always enjoyed every glass of wine we sipped together, every walk we've taken, every morning we've smiled at each other, every hug he's gotten from the boys. He's never taken anything in life for granted.... He's taught me to slow down in life and not fuss over small stuff..."never mind the little things" he always says to me.
He's taught me to see the brighter side of every situation, even through the tough times, he always finds laughter. He's taught me to accept people for who they are, and find the good in everyone. He has always been thankful for what he's had, even though at times it wasn't much. I've learned from him... that if you can't be happy living in a shack, eating toast; you'll never be happy living in a castle with a table full or food.
He's taught and still teaches me a lifetime of lessons that define him.

Perhaps this is why... that calmness and peace that has come over him now, is of a man that has no regrets and feels fortunate to have walked this journey, and savors every moment of it still...

There is much to be learned from him....

love and peace


  1. And, Mari, because of your generous spirit and the time you take to share him with us, we, too, are learning from him. I am very grateful.

  2. Hi Marin jan, I still think that miracles do happen to people like you. I know that you went through a lot, but one day you are going to wake up and see him all cured,. and we will all be there to celebrate. You are one of the strongest chicks I have every met. You guys are always in my mind and thoughts. Please be positive as you have always been. Good things come to those who wait. I am sending my positive energy, love, and prayers to you and your family; always.:)
    Ani S

  3. I am and have been a quiet observer. Yesterday I was close to tears in reading your thoughts and after reading your thoughts today I felt I had to say thank you.

    I suffered my own setback earlier this year but realized that I was, as you put it, lost in my mound of paperwork and responsibilities. Since then have realized there is a world out there that I always knew about but never truly 'tasted'.

    I have been studying gratitude recently and am learning to see how I am so grateful for so many things in life. I guess your post echoed much of my very own thoughts and so as one of the usually silent and learning observers I found that I had to say ... "I am so grateful that you are you, that you are strong and that you have the ability to share your world, your thoughts and your life with us!"

    ~ Philip

  4. Very very beautiful post. Thanks for sharing and we are learning much from you both . Strength, patience, gratefulness and love.

  5. thank you ladies, i'm glad you are taking little bits of what i write and using these lessons in your lives.
    philip... welcome, speak up more, it seems you have a lot to say and share too, glad to have you. :)

  6. thanks for your honesty and beautiful words Marinik. i wish that these important lessons in life were not so frequently learned in such painful ways. bless you!

  7. thanks Susan and Janet,
    and I took that picture in my garden the other day, it is so intricate huh, like I said natures gifts to us :)