Thursday, July 30, 2009

slow steps

Took my first walk in months this morning... the air was cool, the sun was hiding behind a thick blanket of clouds and the streets were quite, just a few solitary joggers were out. The first steps were tough as I am now very much out of shape and overall tired, and the solitude... as much as it's good for us... it does get us thinking about a lot of things. And as my thoughts took me deeper and deeper I found myself overwhelmed... with all the things that I'm responsible for now, all the people I have to worry about and the important decisions I need to make.....

Then I stopped at this fence to catch my breath and to lean on a bit.... after a few deep breaths... it was all clear.... Yes the first steps in this new life of ours (that includes Gag's sister, mom, our boys, friends and family)... will be very hard and the difficulties are going to overwhelm us at times, but that's why we have each other... to be this fence we can lean on and to help us breath easily once again....
We'll have to trek through familiar roads at first, taking slow steps, stopping once in a while to clear our minds, catch our breaths and rest. And we'll start getting stronger little by little and start to notice the beauty that surrounds our lives, we'll be able to take more unfamiliar paths and turn corners our eyes can't see. But we'll always have each other in case we need to lean...

My heart started opening a bit with each step and each time I stopped to take a picture of the wild flowers along the sidewalk....

I started noticing a smile growing on my face...

By the end of my short walk my spirit was lifted a little and I felt good about having had this walk (and glad I took my camera).
This new journey of ours... like I said will be a challenging one for us all, but we'll get through it together with slow baby steps, stopping along the way to see life and enjoy it together. And in the end we will all have a gratifying feeling of having made it through this tough, rugged road that is life...

Enjoy your day everyone...
(I'll have to take you all on a photo tour of our little town one day....)

love... peace... joy...


  1. what a sweet walk you have taken me on. i am so glad you stopped to lean on that fence. slow walks are the best kind.
    i love ya~

  2. Oh, Mari,I am praying for you and your family...the love and support of each other is always a golden blessing in times like these....what a lovely walk and your photography is wonderful.

    with love,

  3. One thing I know for sure: You may have been the only one walking today, but you weren't walking alone.

    And you never will.

  4. so full of hope and new beginnung, you're so brave!!! take care! I like the sweet "old" picture at the right side of your blog!

  5. :) xoxo

    p.s. love your new banner!

  6. your sensitivity astounds me. peace, kitty.

  7. I really do not mind being called a fence post after reading that. :)

    Hopefully we can all be a little part of a fence post for you.

    By the way - that is a beautiful observation of life you shared with us. I am honored.


  8. i'm really proud of you and amazed how strong you are through this.
    keep it up. even if you were walking alone you sure know that Gagik's was right next you & he will will always be by your side.
    as long as you remember & honor the memories. peace & love.

    -Ani S.

  9. thanks guys for keeping me company...