Sunday, July 5, 2009

adding drops to the bucket.....

What special moments were had this morning.... We took out Gag's old paintings... and as we slowly went through each one... unwrapping them... revealing each painting brush stroke by brush stoke.....

Gag introduced each one of his creations, and shared the story behind each painting... behind each shade of color, each character... and we all sat there like wide eyed kids waiting to see how the story unfolds....

This last one he started and never finished... he told Rob that perhaps one day he can take over and finish his story.

At times we humans can be quite a disappointing species.... yet at times we surprise even ourselves.... In the face of all this pain... in this storm we find ourselves caught in... we somehow still were able to steal a few more memories to store, a few more images in our minds to recall later... as I said in one of my older posts (Venice Beach).... we were able to add a few more drops in this bucket of our life's great moments.

And moments like these are far few in between now.... As he is getting weaker, and ever more frail... it is becoming more and more of a challenge to fill our days with joy and laughter. But still each day I wake up, gather whatever strength I have left inside.. and make it the best day possible for all of us... as hard as it is becoming for me... as my emotions get in the way at times... so for the time being I have put on my steel face... and a large metal lock on my heart so that I may carry out our days like this for as long as we can. And so thankful am I to have him with us each new day.

love and peace my friends...

p.s. please excuse the bad quality photos... camera was not cooperating today... and I had no energy to argue ;)


  1. my husband paints, too, but not portraits. i love the one of the man with a tall hat!

  2. It would take much more than a metal lock to keep your heart from shining, my new friend. Even in the middle of the darkest of moments, your heart illuminates a path of love and tenderness. It is the light that keeps Gag going each new day. It is the beam that assures your boys that although this road is rocky, they are safe and secure.

    I know for a fact there is not lock on your heart, Mari...because I can feel it breaking.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, praying that each day will have its own special moments of joy and light.

  3. the paintings are lovely. (and the ones below are very impressive!) sending you big hug marinik!

  4. Is his precious story in writing? Try to record all of his "specialness" now, ask questions, record his impressions about life and his youth. It will become a valuable part of the family legacy. Love and Light to you dear Mari.

  5. hey everyone, glad you enjoyed...
    Kitty that's my fave too.

  6. i feel very bad for neglecting you for so's been a crazy analog summer. my heart goes out to you and i'm thinking of you...i think it's so fantastic that you're sharing this and that you're grabbing and holding onto the moments the way that you are. you seem so strong and's astounding.