Friday, April 17, 2009

Venice Beach

Spring break is almost over for the boys, and even though we had made some plans to hang out and do a couple of fun things, between the City of Hope appointments and me getting sick, we didn't do anything. The thing I love about our boys though is that they didn't complain at all, Arman even said, as long as there is no school, it's vacation enough for him. So, I finally made some time this afternoon, and took them to Venice beach for lunch and just to hang around a bit. It was a beautiful day, the weather was so nice and we had a really good time.

As we air guitared our way through traffic blasting Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" on the radio, for those few brief moments, right then, we had not a care in the world. We rocked all the way to the beach. Music has an amazing therapeutic magic, it doesn't matter what you listen to, but a good air guitar jam session is worth a hundred visits to the therapist couch.

It was a great day, and the boys and I really enjoyed spending the day together. I guess, we were able to steal a few good hours from today. If we can all do that everyday, even steal just a few happy moments from each day, like water drops gathering in a bucket, it won't be long before we have a bucket full of great moments we can look back on.


  1. mary jan, great moments are far in between like bolts and nuts, but as you said by collecting enough we build a car, jump in it and escape to our happiest you, nick

  2. Great Post, I felt like i was there with you.

  3. OMG!! It worked, I used a different browser and it actually worked. YAY!!
    this is alice by the way.