Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tomorrow's Happy Memories

The boys were so involved in this year's
Chorek preparation, especially
Arman, he practically did most of the mixing and kneading. He really enjoyed himself, of course I absolutely enjoyed myself, we had some music going, we goofed around a little, my kitchen was a big mess, but who cares, I cleaned up afterwards. And, I guess it must have been all that love that went into it, that made it the best Chorek yet. The dough had risen so much by morning and we ended up with a lot of pieces. So, yesterday my dad, the kids and I took an entire trey and some colored eggs to downtown, found a large group of homeless folks and passed them out. The kids enjoyed it and I felt really good about it. The people were very thankful and sent many blessings our way. On our way back I couldn't help it, we stopped at a street vendor and had "downtown hot dogs". That was the first for the boys, wow did they like it, I know what you're all thinking, they are greasy, fattening, and just not good for you. But come on, how can you go all the way downtown and not stop to have a deliciously bacon wrapped dog, with grilled onions and peppers and all the goodies that go with it. I had one just yesterday, and I'm still salivating talking about it. :) That's ok, we don't have it all the time, and boy did we enjoy them.
So, all you have a great Easter Sunday, enjoy the day-it's beautiful outside. No matter what your plans are today and what traditions you follow, I hope it's a great day filled with many treasured moments with family, so that they become the happy memories of tomorrow.

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