Friday, April 3, 2009


I learned today that a friends mother passed away. Yes, she was 80 years old, and was ill, and had lived her life somewhat, but she was his MOM. It must be very hard to lose a parent, or to lose any loved one for that matter. I'd be lying if I said that this thought hasn't crossed my mind since cancer invaded our home a few months ago. It's only natural to think about the unthinkable possibility of losing my husband to this battle. The important thing is not to let these thoughts consume us constantly, we need to let them in and just as easily let them roll right out of our minds. We need to focus on the positives every day, whatever it is. It might be my husband waking up with a smile in the morning, or one of my boys looking at me a certain way and saying "you know mom I love you", however small that positive is, we need to hold on to it and make it our drive and purpose for the day.
After all... life is not hard, it's just a bumpy road, we just need to navigate though it as best as we can.

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