Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deep Breath

Tough night.....
Couldn't sleep much.... how do you sleep when your husband tells you that he is just not feeling any better, in fact he feels himself getting worse. It is so hard to hang on to hope when you hear things like this or even worse... when you see him getting weaker, and more down and depressed by the day. I know I have to be the strong one, and keep his spirits high and be positive around him, and give him hope. But how do you do this for someone who is feeling all the things he is feeling inside. Easier said than done. But.... you take a deep breath and dive in head first. It will be more of a challenge for me today, having had the night I had last night, but for his sake I have to. When all else fails, watch a lot of comedy.
If only, he feels a little stronger today and I could take him out for a stroll, or out to a movie....Here's to hoping.
Here I go.... deep breath....

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