Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Highs And Lows

What a draining day.....

Started off with a mammogram, those of you women who have had it are probably cringing right about now. Let's face it it's definitely not one of the more fun things we can do with our "girls" right. It's a good thing, breastfeeding and gravity have had their effect on mine, I can imagine how bad more perky boobies must heart, I mean they pull, and tug and flatten those things like they're kneading dough, ouch.

Then I attended a funeral, what can I say about that, it's always hard to see families bidding farewell to their loved one, it's always painful. I have been to 3 funerals in the last couple of months, something about springtime and people dying... I read somewhere, some time ago that more people die in the spring than any other time of the year, who knows maybe it's natures time to reshuffle.

Then I had the ever anticipated meeting with my son's high school Spanish teacher, she by the way I think is too hot to be a high school teacher, but what do I know.... It's all a bit blurry, but I'm pretty sure "doesn't cooperate" and " missing homework assignment" came up a few times... someone is getting grounded for a while.

Then I got home to see my husband's smiling face and, you know, everything disappeared.

I guess, that's life.... on any given day we have high moments as well as low or painful moments.

But, let's admit it, it would be a bit boring if all was on a high note all the time, don't you think??

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