Monday, April 6, 2009


Four am this morning I open my eyes to my 12 year old (Robert) standing over my head: "I woke up and can't go back to sleep" he says. Why is it that when kids come to the parents bedroom at nights, they just stand there till you open your eyes and see them. Sometimes it's so creepy and has startled me many times. It has been some years now since any of our boys have come to our bed at night, I must say I had missed it. He climbed in, and cuddled, and went right to sleep, I on the other hand didn't. I remember the times when both of our kids would invade our bed on the same night, my poor husband would end up on the sofa that night..... Ah the good old days:) I always welcomed it though, I loved having them there. Even though it would be quit a challenge to fall asleep with little hands and feet shoving and pocking you all night, but still loved it and yes at times I do miss it. So those of you with little ones that still visit at nights, enjoy those little creepy-crawlers as long as you can.

Ah motherhood.... I see it as such a privilege to be a mom, it truly is a gift.

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