Friday, April 10, 2009

Life is Too Short!

Most days I'm running around, busy with daily responsibilities, taking care of the family and all else that needs my attention. This is how I'm able to stay calm and sane, sure I have my reality check every now and then, I have a good cry then dust off and move on. What happened yesterday evening however, was something I had never experienced before and hope I never have to again. After the dinner rush, as I sat down for my tea, it was a quite moment, I wasn't distracted by the TV, or computer or the kids, no one was asking or needing anything of me. I glanced over at my husband, who had fallen asleep on the sofa, and boom it hit me, and when I say "it hit me", I don't mean like a slap on the face, but I felt more like a bug that just got squashed by a stomping foot. It was the most terrifying feeling, the most excruciating pain, I had ever felt, like a bullet through my heart. I froze with cold sweat gathering on my forehead, and that very moment I realized, really realized that... this tragedy is really happening to us! I couldn't breath, I wanted to scream so loud and break everything in sight but I couldn't. I threw myself out the door, so that in case I lose it no one would notice. The fear eventually subsided and calmness came over me, I put my fake smile on and went back inside. What else am I supposed to do??
So, a few words from me to all of you.... Don't take anything in life for granted! Be thankful everyday for having your loved ones around! Make time for your kids and the people you care for! Be kind to each other! Share your love! Don't mind the little things! Live every day to it's fullest! I know all these seem like just words, but believe me they are very important words. Don't dwell on the past, and wait for the future, live now! I'm not saying don't make future plans, or have dreams and try to reach them, I'm just saying don't make them your sole purpose and happiness in life, you never know what great or horrible things await....

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