Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Day

I spent most of my afternoon with my mother-in-law, the poor thing was in so much pain when I spoke to her in the morning. It's not enough she suffered for years from her heart condition, having had three open heart surgeries starting in her early thirties. Now, she has new pains and limited movements in her joints and bones. It's amazing how much pain a person can endure and still find things to smile and be happy about.
When I got there she was in a lot of pain, shriveled on her bed, looking pretty miserable. But, as the day progressed and we had some great conversations, cooked together, had lunch, read together and looked at some old family photos, she started feeling better. I'm sure the Aspocream and the rub I gave her shoulder helped too. But, I think what actually made her feel better was just having someone there to share her pain with, both physical and emotional. We talked about a lot of things, and expressed our worries, and consoled each other. Just two women bound by one common love, her love for her son and mine for my husband. It felt really good to give each other comfort, it helped lessen the pain a bit, and we actually had a little fun too. Overall, it was a good day for both of us.

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