Tuesday, July 7, 2009

grooming 101..

Girls.... learn how to shave your man!

I hope you'll never have to do it for reasons I am....but you never know when it might come in handy...

With all that I have to do to care for Gag.... some more challenging than others....

For some reason this is what I've had the most trouble with..... ( how strange????)

It's amazing that we still find things in this terrible daily battle to laugh about... and boy was it funny.... had a good chuckle... both of us... wish there was a hidden camera somewhere..... "funniest video of the year" award...

thanks for laughing with us today...

love and peace with a bit of a smile :)


  1. Wow everyday is a challenge for you and a lesson for us. I have learned alot from you. Keep smiling becouse life iS too short and unfair sometimes.

    Warm hugs and kisses:)

    Ani S.

  2. Mari, I would laugh with you any day!

    May God grant you more days with laughs in them.

  3. Hi Marinik, Here we are reading your posts, remembering old days, Hripsime and Arev are here. Piso is remembering trip to Armenia together, and we were checking out the photo at lake Arrowhead with cousins dated 01-08. Only year and a half ago..
    As far as shaving is concerned, I'm sure you're doing a great job! Laugh-out-loud!
    Barevner Gagoin mer bolorits.
    Gnel, Sivo, Arev, Hripsik and the kids. Love you guys.

  4. I think helping your husband shave is one of the most romantic gestures, Mari. I wish it didnt have to come in a compromising package, but what a moment in time it IS. Thank you for sharing, yet again.

  5. I tried to shave someone's beard once (heck knows why?) but it's tricky to say the least... good luck. luv.. Ali